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Fujitsu Comes Up With “Heart Explorer” That Studies Behaviour Of Heart

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Shreepanjali Mod
Fujitsu recently introduced its Healthcare Solution Heart Explorer in Japan. It is a software that would work for nursing schools, medical schools, as well as university medical hospitals. The results produced by this software are based on values given by heart simulator that gives deep insight into heart’s behaviour. It also enable 3D modeling of heart which would allow analysis and observation. Consumers in Japanese markets can purchase it from authorized stores. 
The Heart Explorer makes use of data output from heart simulator that is formed via R&D done with K computer as well as other computing resources. It will allow students to monitor and analyze myocardium movements, blood flow, electrocardiograms, as well as excitation propagation. It was not easy to reproduce all these things earlier but this explorer makes it possible. The prime job of this software is to allow learning through experience along with structural analysis functionality that keeps an eye on physical values like pressure implied by heart muscles in graphs as well as students ability to freely flex their viewpoints for 3D modelling. Apart from providing a detailed view into healthy hearts, thi teaching content allows contents that cover up a wide range of cases giving insight into serious heart problems like myocardial infarction. 
With the help of this software, Fujitsu will also play a key role in improvement of medical technology and would also pave for better understanding of heart as well as heart diseases. The reason why so much focus is being given on heart is because heart problems have come up as a major reason of death in several parts of the world. It is also one of the most complicated structures of human body and its mystery cannot be unfolded without specific tools in hand.