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Intel Brings Forth Tools For Streamlining Creation Of Rich Media

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Shreepanjali Mod
Intel, one of the global technological leaders, recently unveiled some advanced solutions that would allow content creators to streamline the process of rich media creation and transfer it to cloud computing systems. The unveiling took place at the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB). The interactive session of this presentation was led by vice president of Data Center Group, Lynn Comp who also holds the position of General Manager at Intel’s Visual Cloud Division. 
The presentation explained how best of Hollywood studios, enterprises, as well as production companies are making use of Intel technology for transforming traditional media creation systems and touching new market horizons. As a guest speaker they also called the president of Sony Motion Pictures Group and Screen Gems Motion Pictures, Physical Production, Mr. Glenn Gainor. He explained how the process of movie shooting and editing will be drastically changed by use of digital technology. He also spoke about the collaboration between Sony Pictures and Intel for making of Spider-Man: Homecoming Virtual Reality Experience that embraced use of VR headsets for audience. It allowed audience to experience what was it like for Spider Man to sling high above New York city line while chasing bad guys. Similarly, the CTO of CISCO engineering, Dave Ward, was also there to explain what role Intel has played in creation of Serial Data Interface (SDI) solutions by CISCO. 
As Comp likes to add, “There is an exponential growth of data that must be edited, processed, transferred and stored by content creators, and they rely on the Intel Xeon Scalable Platform to do so, with the new SDK for our Intel Media Server Studio and new codec optimizations for encoding video, graphics and other large visual workloads, our partners are using the processing power of Intel Xeon Scalable processors in cloud computing environments to build a more agile backbone for creative industries."