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Qorvo Expands Its RF Profile Of LowDrift™ Filters

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Shreepanjali Mod
Qorvo recently announced some new add-ons in its highly innovative line of LowDrift™ filters as well as integrated Wi-Fii front end modules. These products will serve a large range of mini cell base stations along with IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax wireless applications. All these new products will simplify RF for designers all across the world, you can get these from authorized channel partners of Qorvo. A few more details about the products are as follows:
1. Band 40 BAW Band Pass Filter: The list of its prime features is as follows:
Size - very small measuring at 2 x 1.6 x 0.73mm SMT package. 
Input Power at higher end: PIN = +29dBm; capable of working at temperatures above 90 degree Celcius. 
Wide Operating range of temperature - -40 to +105℃; the best performance can be expected across the range of -20 to +90℃. 
Wi-Fi rejection - excellent. 
Lower Insertion loss. 
Wide bandwidth measures at 100MHz. 
2.  2.4GHz Wi-Fi iFEM Equipped With RX Coexistence BAW: Prime features include:
Most suitable for IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax based Wi-Fi applications. 
22 Pad 3 x 44.5 x 1mm laminate packaging
NF: 2dB. 
Tx Gain = 34dB, the Rx gain on the other hand equals 15dB. 
It has been optimized for +5V supply. 
>35dB rejection present across LTE bands as well as 5GHz in the Rx path. 
2.4GHz Wi-Fi Channel with 1-13 support.