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RX65N Microcontrollers Supports DDS-XRCE Communication Protocol For Robot Operating Systems (ROS)

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Shreepanjali Mod

Renesas Electronics Corporation, one of the leading suppliers of advanced semiconductor solutions, is now speeding up the development of robotics systems. This new development would help in delivery of intelligence on an industrial level by adding new features in Renesas’ high-performance, the 32-bit RX65N Series of (MCUs) Microcontrollers for supporting the DDS-XRCE.


Fig. 1: RX65N MCUs Support DDS-XRCE Communication Protocol for ROS 2

DDS-XRCE refers to Data-Distribution Service for Extremely Resource Constrained Environments. It is one of the upcoming protocol standards for the ROS 2 Communication. Renesas backs the DDS-XRCE architecture that allows better environment for software development that keeps a check on actuators and sensors that would be embedded inside the robotics system endpoints like reception, safe guard, welfare, household robots, cleaning, and other kind of robotic endpoints.

The ROS (Robot Operating System) is one of the most crucial frameworks that offers tools and libraries that allow developers to bring forth latest innovation to robotics community. They have developed a new interest for adding up ROS access inside the embedded MCUs that further accelerate the service robots development. According to Open Robotics CEO, Brian Gerkey, “We are excited to see Renesas supporting DDS-XRCE, which extends ROS 2 to allow its use in embedded microcontrollers. Their work will provide additional momentum to expand the ROS community even further.”

The CEO of eProsima, Jaime Martin Losa, further adds, “We are pleased that Renesas has selected eProsima as the primary DDS-XRCE solution. We are leading networking middleware experts, and collaboration with the leading MCU company accelerates deployment of ROS 2 into embedded microcontrollers.” Renesas is the main sponsor of ROSCon JP 2018 that tool place on 14th September, 2018 in Tokyo.”