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The SiC Diodes From ON Semiconductors Promise Lower System Costs, Power Density, And Higher Efficiency

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Shreepanjali Mod
ON Semiconductor, one of the leading drivers of energy efficient innovative devices and systems, recently extended its SiC diode profile by bringing-in next member of this family - a group of 650 V SiC (Silicon Carbide) Schottky diodes. These diodes are embedded with cutting edge silicon carbide technology that offers much higher switching capabilities with much lesser power losses as well as smooth paralleling of devices. 
This newly released family of 650 V by ON Semiconductors has surface mount and hole packages ranging from 6-50 Amperes. All diodes offer zero reverse recovery, high surge capacity, positive temperature coefficient, temperature independent current stability, as well as low forward voltage. These new diodes target engineers that design boost and PFC converters for several applications like telecom power, data center supplies, EV/HEV charges, and solar PV inverters that face problems related to delivery off smaller footprints at higher efficiencies.
The SiC Schottky diodes by ON Semiconductors feature a very unparallel, patented termination structure that ensures reliability as well as increases ruggedness and stability. Along with, these diodes are also capable of providing much higher avalanche energy which is one of the best Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS) in industry that provides it with better ability and lowest leakage currents. 
The Senior Vice President as well as General Manager of MOSFET Business Unit of ON Semiconductor, Simon Keeton, says, “ON Semiconductor’s new 650 V family of SiC diodes complement the company’s existing 1200 V SiC devices, bringing a broader product range to our customers. Utilizing the unique characteristics of wide band gap materials, SiC technology offers tangible benefits over silicon, and their robust construction provides a dependable solution in applications in challenging environments. Our customers will benefit from simplified, better performing, smaller footprint designs as a result of these new devices.”