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Tiny µModule Boost Regulator BY Analog Devices Is Now Available For Lower Voltage Optical Systems

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Shreepanjali Mod

Analog Devices recently came up with Power by Linear™ LTM4661, a lower power step-up µModule regulator in a 2.42mm x 6.25 mm x 6.25 mm BGA package. To complete the design you will need a single resistor and few capacitors.  The solution gears less than 1 cm square space on single sided PCBs and just half of that on double sided ones. The LTM4661 comes equipped with a DC/DC controller, inductors, MOSFETs, and other supporting components. The LTM4661 works across a voltage range of 1.8 V - 5.5 V input supply and can keep working down to 0.7 V post start-up. You can also set the output voltage through a single resistor that has a range of 2.5 V - 15V.

This product represents a smart combination of thin and small package as well as wide input/output voltage range that is suitable for several applications like battery powered equipment, optical modules, bias voltage for power amps, battery-based backup systems, small DC motors, laser diodes, and so forth. The LTM4661 is capable of delivering 4 Amp beneath 3.3VIN up to 5VOUT as well as 0.7 A under 3.3 VIN up to 12VOUT. The LTM4661 uses synchronous rectification that gives out  conversion efficiency as high as 92%. Its switching frequency is 1MHz and it can also be synchronized with an external clock that ranges between 500kHz - 1.5MHz. The LTM4661 works on three modes: External sync mode, forced continuous mode, as well as Burst Mode. in the Burst mode the value of quiescent current stands at 25 µA, which extends the run time of battery. The applications that demand lowest possible noise operation need either the forced continuous mode or the external sync mode for minimizing possible interference of noise switching.