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Raspberry Pi 3This Hotel Order Management System is based on Internet of Things and it uses MQTT protocol for communication between the mobile app and the Raspberry Pi server. The Raspberry Pi as a server is installed at the Hotel and remains connected to the internet by a Wi-Fi access point. For this purpose, Raspberry Pi 3 is used which comes equipped with on-board Wi-Fi modem. The Raspberry Pi is connected to a display monitor where the hotel staff can view the received orders. 



Raspberry Pi 3 MicroSD Card Slot In this project, a Raspberry Pi is used as an IoT device which is running a simple python application to blink an LED. So, the IoT device designed in this project is a Raspberry Pi interfaced with an LED. One another python application also keeps running on the daughter board which keeps looking for an update of the LED blinking code from a FTP server. The Update seeking application connects with the FTP server and tracks the version number of the LED blinking code available at the FTP server. 


Photon Based Smart IoT Socket and Energy Monitor Circuit In this project, a smart socket is designed which can be automatically switched using a relay. The socket is interfaced to a Particle Photon based IoT device which keeps track of energy consumption using ACS 712 Current sensor and help automatically disconnect socket connection with the Mains when the power consumption by a device exceeds a threshold value. The Photon also remains connected to a web server via Wi-Fi hotspot and keeps updating the energy consumption data to the server.