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Triple Bench Power SupplyIn the previous projects, adjustable power supplies and constant voltage symmetrical power supplies were made. In this project an asymmetrical power supply will be designed. The triple bench power supply acts as a power source providing three different constant voltages. The different voltage levels are drawn using a single transformer.

The triple bench power supply designed in this project gives 5V, 9V and 12V at the output with 1A as maximum current limit for each voltage. The output voltages are regulated supplies independent of the unwanted fluctuations in the input voltage.

LM317 is commonly used for voltage regulation in DC circuits. The IC is one of the popular adjustable positive voltage regulators that comes with features like over voltage protection, internal current limiting, overload protection, low quiescent current (for more stable output) and safe area compensation (its internal circuitry limit the maximum power dissipation so it does not self-destruct). 

Apart from many features, less number of components are required to make it operational. So, LM317 regulator is easy to use and assemble in a circuit. In this project, an adjustable power supply using LM317 is designed which inputs main AC supplies (220V-230V AC) and outputs DC voltage below 12V. The LM317 has an adjustable output voltage of 1.28 V to 11 V and draws maximum 1.5 A current.

Making a Circuit BreakerProtecting circuits from over current is an important aspect of circuit designing. The cause for over current can be intolerable voltage fluctuation in the power supply, short circuiting, failure of a device or component and overloading. Usually, for the protection of circuits from over current and so the damage from overheating of components, electronic fuses are used in their power supply sections. 

Electronic fuses are thin metallic wires which melt down over the passage of a threshold current. In the design of power circuits, apart from electronic fuses, circuit breakers are also used for circuit protection. Any circuit breaker operates like a relay which has the ability to detect a threshold current level and disconnect the rest of the circuit by tripping off the supplies.