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The blind people need assistance for moving around. They use a stick to detect any obstacle in their path and move around accordingly. They usually try to estimate the proximity with an obstacle by hitting it and try to learn its distance from them based on the sound of the hit.

This project is a walking aid for the blinds which can be worn on the wrist like a band. The device designed in this project uses an ultrasonic sensor to determine the distance from an obstacle and connects with the Android phone through Bluetooth to generate a voice alert.

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are the future of human interaction with the real world. Augmented Reality is a technology that allows projecting live images, videos or media in the real-world environment along with the real objects visible through a camera or holographic wearable. The technology allows interacting with the real world environment while manipulating it through computer-generated graphical elements and virtual interfaces.

The given project demonstrates how to measure all the four parameters of greenhouse farming and monitor them continuously. It uses smart sensors like DHT11 to measure temperature and humidity, soil moisture sensor, and LDR to measure ambient light. It uses Arduino to measure all these four parameters and LCD to display their values.

In greenhouse farming, it is required to monitor, control and maintain four parameters, namely- Temperature, Humidity, Soil moisture, and Ambient light. In such farms, these four parameters are continuously monitored and controlled. Maximum efforts are done to maintain required temperature, humidity, soil moisture and light to get good quality of agriculture product.