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Arduino based Gas Leakage Detection Using MQ6 Gas SensorGas leakage is one of the common reasons for fire breakouts. A leakage turns out to be cause of terrible accident particularly in closed buildings. Many of the hotels and restaurants do not keep any security measures to detect gas leakage due to lack of enforcement of standards and pre-assumption that installing such precautionary systems will be costly. This is a gas leakage detection project based on Arduino UNO.

The low cost project uses MQ6 gas sensor which can be calibrated to detect leakage levels based on surroundings. The installation generates a sound alert using buzzer on detection of a dangerous leakage. The project utilizes the 434 MHz RF module so the alarm can be installed anywhere within the building and even multiple alarms can be installed within a building.

In this project, a digital dice will be designed. The objective of this project is to teach that how custom characters can be displayed on an LCD. In Arduino projects using 16X2 LCD for display, the characters can be directly printed on one of the two rows using print() function of the LCD library of Arduino.

However, sometimes displaying custom characters on the LCD is the demand of the project. The same feature has been illustrated in this project by designing a digital dice. A digital dice is digital version of the regular dice. Any dice has six faces on which numbers from 1 to 6 are printed. On throwing a dice, one of the face and so one of the numbers between 0 and 7 appears on the upright face. It can be any random number between 0 and 7.

+/-5V supply from 9V Battery

Op-Amps require dual polarity supply for their proper operation. When working with battery supply, it is difficult to get dual power supply from battery supply as it requires more steps and components. So, presented here a simple circuit that provides +/- 5V from few components.

It is built around monolithic CMOS voltage converter IC ICL7660A (U2) and linear voltage regulator IC LM7805 (U1). ICL7660A is configured as voltage inverter to convert the positive 5V supply to negative 5V supply. The linear voltage regulator converts the 9V battery input into regulated 5V. The regulated 5V output from IC 7805 is given to pin 8 of IC U2.