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Latest Contributed Projects

Full duplex communicationWe live in a world of communications and in a constant process to transfer communication technologies to other platforms that can be used by intelligent machines like robots. In three steps can be built a powerful communication system by plugging the Ethernet module into the Arduino board, create network connections, and building the application for data transfer.

Full-duplex data transmission means that data can be transmitted in both directions on a signal carrier at the same time. For example, on a local area network with a technology that has full-duplex transmission, one workstation can be sending data on the line while another workstation is receiving data. Full-duplex transmission necessarily implies a bidirectional line (one that can move data in both directions). We have developed the project which uses UDP protocol for communication between two Arduino UNO boards through Ethernet cable.

Atmega 32u4 Based USB Musical KeyboardThe music keyboard is one of the most common musical instruments. The electronic musical keyboards have been around for a long time. The electronic music keyboards synthesize musical sounds electronically according to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) standards. Fortunately, the USB protocol does have provision to implement the MIDI standard under Audio Class Devices. The USB protocol has the MIDI subclass under the Audio Class 1.0.  In this project, the device designed is based on the MIDI subclass and it transmits the MIDI Data Packets using Audio Class of the USB protocol.

On any musical keyboard, there are physical keys pressing which specific musical notes having predetermined pitch and volume are generated. Any electronic music keyboard also works similarly.

Atmega 32u4 Based USB Speaker A speaker is a device that produces sounds from the electrical signal having audio encoded. The speakers usually have a 3.5 mm jack for audio output from the computer. Nowadays USB interface is also gaining popularity for interfacing audio devices with the computer. A lot of portable audio and musical devices nowadays have USB connector for interfacing with the computers.

The USB pluggable portable devices are easy to carry away along with a laptop or notebook computer anywhere. Plus, USB is now such a universal interface that it is more common than any other computer interface for serial communication. The USB pluggable devices also have the advantage that they can draw power from the USB port itself. When USB interface is used by an audio device for connecting with the computer, the audio stream coming from the device also needs to be according to the USB protocol.