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Arduino and ESP8266 based IoT Vehicle Tracking Device CircuitThe vehicle tracking systems are designed for tracking the movement of a vehicle from a location at any time. Such system is equipped with a GPS receiver which maintains the GPS location of the device. The GPS location of the device traced by the GPS sensor is sent to a cloud server or cloud service with the help of a controller. This project is a simple implementation of such system on one of the most popular prototyping boards - Arduino UNO. 


In the previous tutorial, it was mentioned that IMAP protocol is a standard email protocol which is used to store email messages and retrieve them. It was also mentioned that IMAP protocol can be used in IoT applications where commands can be passed to IoT devices by emails. This can be really helpful in certain situations like when security might be the main concern. Also, emails can be sent on any network without any special application or permissions. The IoT devices can receive emails as email clients where they can read emails and process information contained in them.

Raspberry Pi 3Nowadays, most of the hotels and restaurants take online orders of food. Many hotels and restaurants either facilitate pre-ordering or even render delivery services in the local areas. In this project, an Hotel Order Management System is designed where a customer can pre-order food items using a mobile app and a Raspberry Pi based Server manages to cater menu items and book orders. On every booking, the customer is acknowledged of the time their order will be ready, so they can arrive at the specified time and pick up their order.