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Battery linear charger real time circuit arrangementIn the previous tutorial, the basics of Lithium ion batteries were discussed. Also, it was discussed how it is important to handle these batteries with care. as mentioned in the previous tutorial, that Lithium ion batteries need to be charged using CC-CV method, in this tutorial, a Li-ion battery charger for a single-cell Li-ion battery of nominal voltage 3.7 V will be designed. 
There are charger modules available in the market which can be used to charge the Li-ion batteries. In this tutorial, a charger built using the basic electronic components including Linear Regulator will be designed from scratch. The charger circuit will be customized as per the battery specifications and the charging requirements.
AVR Atmega 32 based Alcohol and Smoking Detector Circuit Smoking and alcohol are hazardous to health. Also, the consumption of alcohol is one of the reasons behind many anti-social incidents. That is why, smoking and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in many areas like it is prohibited in schools, colleges, hospitals and public transport like buses and trains. In fact, these kind of activities must be prohibited in all kind of public places. Despite rules of prohibition, there are many incidents when people are found not abiding the rules. In such case, for law enforcement, there must be some system to detect infringement of such laws and the authorities must be sent an alert at time.
In this tutorial, an electronic system for the same has been designed.
In one of the previous projects "Hand Gesture Controlled Wireless Robot", it was discussed how remote controls with switches or buttons used for controlling wireless robots have a disadvantage in controlling the robot due to response time factor of the human handling it.
As a solution to the problem, use of advanced human-computer interfaces like the gesture recognition, eye movement tracking, and brain waves was suggested. Of which, hand gestures were used in the previous project to control the robot. In this tutorial, a wireless robot will be designed that will be controlled by the joystick. A joystick is not a new input device but it provides better control over the subject. It is easier to use and handle by a human operator.