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Accelerometer Based Hand Gesture Controlled Robot



what is the range of accelerometer based hand gesture robot ...??


i mean  at what maximum distance apart these two devices i.e. robot and hand controller will work..???


reply ASAP...


The Maximum distance at which RF module works.

I think it's 30 meters

The distance will be based on the RF module used if ur using the RF module normal like what they have used it can cover upto 30 meters. But if you are using the telephone based RF it can cover more distance than the before RF.

There is no range for accelero meter. this can be determind by the transmitter and receiver only, if you using the XBEE that can cover 10-100 feet. The accelero meter is just for controlling the directions of your robo.


i want to know what maximum distance apart these two devices

also what we are the more specfic application for this and can we implement some more tecnologies in it like wise gprs conniectivity????

This project main application will be this can be used in the nuclear Power plants to handle the hazardous materials.This can be used in the military section to diffuse the bomb or to know the Bomb.aDefinately we can implement Camera in it but i am not sure about GPRS Technology.By this camera we can able to notice the robot by sitting at one place and if camera is installed then there is no need of GPRS I think.

its a very nice project....


though i have some doubts:


1. why do we need a encoder/decoder chip?

2. Can't we use RX/TX pin of the microcontrollers to do the same job?


we use encoder / decoder fro parallel to series and series to parallel conversion, by this we get the actual signal as well as the combination of it which we transmitted from TX, we can't use just the RX/TX pin of 8051 because we'll be unable to perform multifunction wtih it.

where is antenna in transmitter dia

13 led are used in receiver in pcb but 12 led in dia


Can someone post the program for the atmega8 Chip because the program in the post is giving me errror's

Plz reply asap.

where is 7805 voltage regulator in te circuit?

what is a PBT connector?


sir ,this code is complete code or part of main ?


reg51.h definition is restricted???

from which software you make the PCB......

plz bcz i did't get accelrometer in proteous 8

For PCB Layout Making "PCB Artist" Is The Bestest software

I was trying to replicate this project but it is just not working. I checked the circuit diagram and also verified the soldering of the components and all connections. But still no transmission of data, neither from acclerometer to atmega8 is taking place. 
Where could the problem lie?? And how to check and make it running?

Please reply asap...

Did your code worked ?

If not make sure there are no errors in the code of ATmega8.

please give me the pdf file of pcb layout. And please help at the program code . its showing errors for me. I am doing this for my final year project. please help.

my email id [email protected]

Is this a full code for 2 parts ??? 

Can i use ATmega328 instead of Atmega 8 ?

What battery should I use for receiver

can you send me hex file of reciver and transmiter of this rebot


Can i use ATmega16 instead of Atmega 8 ?
or Is this a full code for reciver?



Yes, Definitely We Can Use ATMEGA16 As Per Requirements Of PINS .... ATMEGA8 Is A 24 Pin IC As Our Pin Requirement is Less ... But If Requirement Of Pins Is More Than 24 Then We Can Implement ATMEGA16 which Is A 40 Pin IC

whats the purpose of using the 8 leds at port b......because no where in programming port b is used..except making it as output port

is the code is complete... ????

Code has some bugs. Receiver program is little wrong I'll paste the code soon

kindly post it as soon as possible ,,,, i want tht code,,,,,,,

I'll post the code within 2days

where is the code man????????

wht r the ratting of the motors,,,,,,,,,,,??

I used 300rpm dc motor (4nos)

Receiver Program

void main()
else if(P2==0xe0)
else if(P2==0x30)
else if(P2==0xC0)

the transmitter program is ok itg fine if any problem contact me


sir i need your help... please send me your mail_ID... It's my humble request

Hey Kunal :) 

I'm gonna start this project, this is my first project so i'm just gonna replicate it. Can you plese tell me if the information and code available on this page enough? please reply, it'll really help me out! 

is your receiver program is ok for given transmitter program

nice work , please tell me   how RF module interfacing with accelerometr , 
ENCODER recievng input from movemnt of accelromtr? and output is going to RF transmittr ?
plz tell me what is purpose of camera?

i have a doubt regarding dumping of code into atmega please can anyone give a brief information regarding dumping the program

i want to use only two gear moter at receiver side please send me program for this...

send me full simulation file of both receiver and transmitter side with pcb design

did u get the simulation file?....plz send it to my mail id also

[email protected]

thank you

where to code a program??? is it possible to code a program in avr studio 5??? plz reply me as soon as possible
U can use atmel avr studio to program atmega8(transmitter) And u can use Keil to program 8051(reciver)

what type of motor can i use for this?


 what is responsing time of the transmitter or gesture


I didn't note that time. But it is fast enough.
Please send me transmitter program. and thanks for give receiver programming..

hey :)

I'm gonna start this project, this is my first project so i'm just gonna replicate it. Can you plese tell me if the information and code available on this page enough? please reply, it'll really help me out!