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Conveyor Belt controller



Nice site

please send me d circuit of automatic conveyor belt

Is it possibilities to implement it with 8051 microcontroller.

And any idea about automating a lethe machine to any extent.

Sir,I want to implement it using 8051 plz help...

Give me source code for conveyopr belt controller

can you send me the circuit diagram of conveyor belt controller please 

i am very interested in this project

iam interesting to have circuit

can i have the source code please

hello glad, I am from chile am a student and I'm fascinated with your work wanted to ask if you would be so kind as to send me the circuit diagram, because I cant see good some components. 
  In advance thank you very much and would stay realy very grateful for your help. chao

Please send me automatic conveyor belt circuit method

Hi Ashutosh

This is interesting and got me thinking about my current project I hope to complete.

Assuming I want to add vision alignment, how would I incorporate it? 

In my case being roll to roll fed paper with printed registration mark, so once camera detects the mark, it's ready to die cut shape. Cutter I built is Cnc gcode operated. The roll feeder I plan to build with steppers - two operating unwind and rewind that will pass paper through cutter bed. The cutter need to adjust to position. 

(a) makes adjustments via x and y motors until position aligned

(b) signals to continue the cut. 


Your input pit will be appreciated, Thx 

good work ashutosh ji

i'm looking for conveyor belt object counting system using microcontroller feeding info to database


ca it works/?????????


cant see the circuit diagram

good one (y)


very helpful project



which tool is using to plot the conveyor setup block diagram.

I want to do some conveyor related prj for my PG course. If i use proteus, can i get comtroller , motor, driver and LED's. How to insert the conveyor blocks?.


Thanks & Regards

Suresh R S


I want to do some conveyor related prj for my UG course. If i use proteus, can i get comtroller , motor, driver and LcD's. How to insert the conveyor blocks?.


please send c code


nice site

can you please develop me a ladder diagram with all variable and instruction for given design Conveyor Belts Systems Control Design Process Descriptions: A conveying system belts consisting of 4 conveyors shall be controlled properly to transport some material over 400m distance. A ladder diagram for M340 PLC using Unity Pro for sequence control and process interlocking for this conveyor belt system is needed. Requirements: A full sequence control and process interlocking design is required for this conveyor belt system. Conveyors can be started and stopped individually with local stop/start pushbuttons. Indication of a running conveyor and alarm for each fault are also needed. Colour codes for different status lights of the conveyors are: 1. Green: Running 2. Yellow: Starting or Stopping 3. Grey: Stopped and Healthy 4. Red: Faulted Pushbuttons for changing the Auto/manual/local mode selection for conveyors and a stop and a start button for each conveyor should be assumed. Group start and stop for sequential control of the conveyors are needed separately, if the mode of operation is “Auto”. Please note that automatic start and stop of conveyors should consider interlocking restrictions to perform it safely. Assume the length of conveyors is 100m each and their speed is 5m/s while running at full speed. No material tracking is needed. Group start must be from downstream to upstream, whereas group stop must be from upstream to downstream. Crash Stop causes all conveyors to stop simultaneously. It is also possible to switch every conveyor belt on/off locally by a pushbutton in Local mode (please see the signals list). Additionally, every conveyor is monitored on faults (e.g. on overcurrent or thermal overload, etc.). If a fault is recognized, it is displayed with proper colour code, where the fault has happened. Then the alarm needs to be reset first, the fault conditions should be removed and it has to be started again. In case of a fault, the downstream conveyors keep running to purge completely, then stop. All conveyors to the point of fault from upstream will be switched off immediately, so that no further material is transported/dropped on the stopped conveyor. However, all downstream conveyors should be purging and then stopping with predefined durations (depending on their length and speed), so they need not restart the next time they are loaded. 2 | P a g e Develop a ladder diagram for stopping, starting, purging, and mode changing a conveyor and also for upstream/downstream process interlocking. Send your LD, along with the list of variables (name, type, address, comment) via email to me [email protected]. Handwritten and scanned LDs are acceptable. Figure 1. A simple representation of the conveyor belts system consisting of 4 conveyors. Interlocks: Fault in conveyor 1: conveyor 2, conveyor 3, conveyor 4 keep running Fault in conveyor 2: conveyor 3, conveyor 4 keep running Fault in conveyor 3: conveyor 4 keeps running Fault in conveyor 4: all 4 conveyors stop Signals List:  I1 pushbutton conveyor belt 1 ON (NO‐contact)  I2 pushbutton conveyor belt 1 OFF (NC‐contact)  I3 pushbutton conveyor belt 2 ON (NO‐contact)  I4 pushbutton conveyor belt 2 OFF (NC‐contact)  I5 pushbutton conveyor belt 3 ON (NO‐contact)  I6 pushbutton conveyor belt 3 OFF (NC‐contact)  I7 pushbutton conveyor belt 4 ON (NO‐contact)  I8 pushbutton conveyor belt 4 OFF (NC‐contact)

The assignment was written for you and hence supposed to be confidential. This shall be taken into consideration while assessing your work.

how to move conveyor belt with single sensor i.e., material detection sensor...?


I want to do this projects based on iot and cloud computing please help me
I need the program for this process. ...For testing it ....Please send the program @[email protected]
Is there a possibility if a proximity sensor is connected and if the sensor detects the motor want to stop for 2 sec....In a counter program