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Ball Tracking Robot



how much money did this cost to you... i am interested in this project... and i am willing to pay you for it!smiley

awesom work


Brilliant & cool!!!

It was especially fun to watch it turn 360 deg to recapture and track the ball. Nice one!

how to get shortest range between ball and robot?

can your post your code from the file to filter the colors ?

i have a problem to find a other color , blue or yellow.

I need the right code to change the right colors with your code here..

#Image analysis work
def segment_colour(frame):    #returns only the red colors in the frame
    hsv_roi =  cv2.cvtColor(frame,
    mask_1 = cv2.inRange(hsv_roi, np.array([160, 160,10]), np.array([190,255,255]))
    mask_2=cv2.inRange(ycr_roi, np.array((0.,165.,0.)), np.array((255.,255.,255.)))

    mask = mask_1 | mask_2
    kern_dilate = np.ones((8,8),np.uint8)
    kern_erode  = np.ones((3,3),np.uint8)
    mask= cv2.erode(mask,kern_erode)      #Eroding
    mask=cv2.dilate(mask,kern_dilate)     #Dilating
    return mask

pls help me for my projekt.


thx alot