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Cell Phone Controlled Pick and Place Robot



the diagram is not clear plz tell me the all component list..


can u give me the haredwer description clearly......i want to implement your great idea so plz reply me as soon as possible.....i want to know the gear mechanism of your robot..

so reply me plz on my mail id

[email protected]


can you give components require d for thi project because your circuit diagram is not clear

my email i.d [email protected]

I need full circuit diagram, what are component is used full details .plz replay soon as possible. I want urgent


can u give me the hardware description clearly.I want to know the gear mechanism of your robot.

Also can you give me list of components required for the project because the circuit diagram is not clear.

My mail id is [email protected]



Dear the Ckt is not clear , if u can pls send as mail .. [email protected]

DID U GOT THE clear CKT... ??

if u got the send me [email protected]

did you get clear pic of circuit diagram? 

i need the coding for pic microcontroller which is used in the pick and place robot controlled by android application ..... please replay for this message 

May I please know, what components you have used...........please reply

I want to make automatic pick and place robot what i actually need for that ,,, which type of sensors should i use ,, do i need maping and all ?? Pls help me( [email protected] )

Dear the Ckt is not clear , if u can pls send as mail [email protected] and send me component details

can u plz send me clr ckt [email protected]

i want to make a pick and place robotic arm using arduino which can distinguish between black and white small cubes and can separate them and can place them in their respective bins .

it must be cost effective as i am a student .. 

my email id is [email protected]

plz contact me asap

im very interested in your project...can you pls give me the hardware and assembly details [email protected]

could you give ame the circuit diagram.. the image was not clear..

Hello Sir

Could you please send me the whole componet list required for this project. The circuit diagram is also not clear sir,could you please help me in implementation of this project.

Kushagra Singh

[email protected] 

Hi! Can anyone please send me the circuit diagram and the component list, as it is not clearly visible in the picture given. 

Email id- [email protected]

ckt diagram mila kya??


please provide me with clear pic of the ckt diagram mentioned and the component list on the mentioned email..i want to perform this fr my final year project [email protected]


Anyone did this project is something extra information is there