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Cell Phone Controlled Robot Without Microcontroller: Step by Step Guide



can i use other cell phone.............



i understood the above explanation to some extent but i struck with A doubt i.e., whether the response of the robot  is going to start after answer the call or before answering the call.


thanking you sir,



                    waiting for response

Bro I'm also dealing with the same problem Some YouTube video shows that before answering call it works,I'm not cent % sure pls verify by ur self again

sir plz keep the phone in automatic answer mode thne u ill get the perfect o/p.

After call received

whether this 220 resistor necessory in desiging of power suplly section

please say fast

passing voltage is nearly 7.2 like that is this good or nto 

Bro I can't find that ic pls help me in that urgent Any 1 help me
Get me the deatiled explanation

for this circuit, how many voltage of the motor used ??

Is this circuit require programming?? Plz help me



I need full circuit diagram, what are component is used full details .plz replay soon as possible. I want urgent

give me the list of components used in this project


give me the components list plz sir



can I use  HT9170D-18SOPLF here?

Which Cell phones can be used. Is there any restriction for any phones which cannot be used And in case of mistake in my circuit is there a possibility of my phone jack getting damaged
Which capcitors are used in tell me with capacirance code