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Controlling Appliances Over WiFi And Ethernet



great job, very good.



great job

this project is for ethernet if i have to do on wifi what changes are require in the source code?????

I am using Ethernet Module 

and not Ethernet shield


I uploaded the code after doing hard wired connections 

and the ourput on Serial monitor is 

server at

i got the same any help

how to implement this technology for more then one application

hi good day.
i just want to ask permission to use this idea on our project design on our school.

I am using Arduino uno + wifi shield.
i create a html page and place in aduino uno.I access it sucessfully.
For designing i place a css page on google.That page also access sucessfully. I want to use SD card in eithernet sheild.But when css page place in SD card then that page is not acess.
Please help.


How we use image?

Why we use internet connection?

Do we need to upload HTML code in the Ardunio? I saw that without HTML code upload the page is open when we type IP in the browser (I think, its come from the code). I am confused.


Easy & Nice tutor thanks Ganesh Selvaraj

where is the other part list? like resistor? value?




how can i extend this project for controlling many appliances?

what changes should i make in the code?

please help in as soon as possible


hi ive tried your project, but even after clicking on the "ON" or "OFF" Button or link the Bulb dosent switch on. please if you could help us. 

thanks raj


I am working on a project where I interfaced esp8266-01 with arduino uno and LCD(16*2) . The communication between Esp8266 and webpage is working fine with AT commands. I used C programming. I tried toggling LED from webpage using ESP8266 wifi module and Arduino uno. It is working fine. Now I have a web page where I have two text box and submit button. When I type some text on text box and click on submit button, the text should appear on LCD. I am new to web and server. I tried using get method from internet resource but could not achieve. Any idea Sir.

could  contact you personally sir!


Can i contact u?