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Controlling a Desktop Computer with a Remote Control



Please inform me in which software I have to write the program.

Can I use AVR microcontroller?

ofcourse u can. but u have to check whether the two micro controllers have any specific difference??




i am a beginner,  is these component are available easily in market??

what will be the total cost in making this controller??

what if i connect a tv tuner to the desktop and watch tv??

am i still be able to use the remote?

i mean as a tv remote?

in which compiler u write this program?

it is suprb project........but  i want the code in C language..

Can i get coding of same project i C langauage????


rhe code has lot of error. please correct it....we r in desperate need of dis project

yes their is error on program plz help for program


will u plz provide the source code for this project 


    It is a nice project.It will be going to useful for my final year . so please send me the source code for this project.

i want to see this code only....


can u please tell me a code of this remote ?