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Speed Control Using PWM Modulation

Table of Contents:

  1. Speed Control Using PWM Modulation
  2. Block Diagram and Implementation



i need to control the speed of motors and also the movement threaded rod using two motors in perpendicular taht possible with single arduino or i need to use a seperate controller for speed control and direction control.

****************PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.........*********

a single arduino is enough to control both speed and direction of a dc motor

I had successfully controlled the speed and direction of 2 dc motors for a project

<p>can u please forward me circuit nd code for dc motor speed control of dc motor(i have four quadrant dc motor) .</p>

Sure, send your mail id.

could u plz send it to me on my mail id :

Possible with single.

Did you use arduino board for this project.



No, I didn't use Arduino Board.

how much it will cost ?

Very less. Just the cost of Microcontroller, motor, PCB, and that would be under 200INR.

the potentiometer used is of which range?


100K can be used.
Also, you can try different range potentiometer for getting desirable output.

Can you please mail me your code.

My email ID is


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