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Dot Matrix Display using Arduino




how to make it as a static display??? reply soon
Please what of micro C compiler source code...?

very good.

what is code for mikro c

Is this common row anode or common row cathode dot matrix..?

what would be the difference
if we use ARDUINO UNO
i hav to display it using UNO R3
PLEASE guide

codee for ARDUINO UNO
i wana generate code for ARDUINO UNO R3
what would be the difference in source code

I want source code dot matrix display using msp430

Thank you brother

please send code file

Hii I'm used arduino uno can you send diagram with code on uno and thankssssssss



how i can get circuit diagram which showing clear interfacing


Can't we use Arduino uno board instead of Arduino pro mini.

Can I get complete design of 6 digit display 5*7 dmp with arduino

Can you please send me electric diagram to nect with Aduino and files code from Arduino?