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Interfacing LED Dot Matrix with 8051 Microcontroller- (Part 5/45)



Kindly explain using shift register which is connected to columns of dot matrix display

I wantRed, Green, Blue LED matrix circuit.. Plz give me ther CKT diagram and there program using 8051if U have.


how to blink leds in right triangle form by using 8051???????????????


i want the coding of  "Interfacing led dot matrix wioth 8051 micro controller"

plz send source code of 8x8 led matrix

Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using PC


very helpfull project


thanks ,, very helpful ..

but i have one question ..if i dont want to write hex codes of each alphanumaric word than what kinds of things have to add in this ?? 

Bro will you tell me how he wrote the hexa code for displaying A. 

thnku very much

good jobbbb........



Plase help me microcontroller program  LED display moving

<p>iam getting error on 28 is saying dat &quot;;&quot;missing before the line &quot;moving char&quot;.....what should i do</p><p>???</p>

I need to know how you wrote this? "0xc1,0xb7,0xb7,0xc1,0xff" for displaying A !

how to print space and other numbers and letters in dot matrix of  5*7?

Can say me which components u used in it

bro in which software i can make the hex file,in my atmel studio error occour plz fast reply

Could you help for the same, if we use shift register 74hc595? How does the code will change?