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Interfacing 4-wire Resistive Touchscreen with ATMega16 Microcontroller- (Part 46/46)



Very Good, Thanks.

ok i will

Hi Ganesh i like ur project i am very impressed with it . But actually i am working on project to interface 4-wire touch screen with PC/laptop so that i can control the laptop through touch screen. Can you please help me in it. I m just a beginner hobbyist engineer. Can you suggest me the code req for it.!!!!!

Hi Sumit. Sorry for the late reply. Look at my latest project titled "4 Wire Touch screen based Digital Magic slate". The project uses a software named Processing on the PC side and that can be used to control the laptop. You have many examples pre-loaded in the software.

Thank you for the reply friend!!!!!!!!

i ll definately go th'gh ur latest project and get u soon  thank you!!!!!!!!


tahnku buddy for all that...

i want code for this project

hi,do we need to use a touchscreen driver when using the touchscreen with atmega 16? i am making a digital drawing pad using glcd and touchscreen interfaced with microcontroller atmega16. i have written the code for checking both the x and y co-ordinates so will a driver for the touchscreen be necessary?


i am also working on similar project with 128x64 glcd and 4 wire touch screen, but facing problem like my touch screen coordinates are coming in random order there is no order b/w them.

I need u r help in getting information abt ts.and i want code

i dont want 

i have make this ckt and burn above code but it is showing only

0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 


please help me

Hi ganesh i like your project, and i need some of the components you used in your project, so can you email me your project so that i can modify more in that.

Everything is here. What else do you want me to mail you?

hello, this website is awesome site for student.i help me to choose my semester project as well as help me to make it.

I like your project, and i need  your project Detail with its c code, so can you email me your project so that i can modify more.thanx.



All the details are here. You can access the code and circuit diagram for free now. Just login/Register.

@Ganesh Selvaraj,I have interfaced 4 wire resistive touchscreen (Y1 1083) with atmega 32 output pins by doing the soldering as you have told but directly using female connector.I am not getting proper response i.e.not expected cooordinates

 on lcd.I doubt that it is because of improper hardware connections.May be i am not able solder properly so will you please tell me where will I get a touchscreen module with connector online or in mumbai.Awaiting your reply.... 

You can buy them at Rhydolabz. com

1.Nintendo Touch screen and 2.Touch screen connector break out board


Nice project. And nice presentation.

I liked it. I'll surely try this at home.

It is also possible with 89V51RD2 uC, right?

Stop using outdated microcontrollers please. It won't work since it doesn't have an in-built ADC .... you can make it work by adding a seperate ADC IC but I would suggest you to switch to latest micro controllers instead (Most probably you attended some workshop on robotics/embedded system and got that 89V51RD2.. I believe) ... at least to the one I used in this project.

Hi, we are doing a final year project using pic 16f877a microcontroller in that we are interfacing touch screen with pic. can you please help me in wriiing code for this interfacing.


can you (Sneha Kulkarni) get the answer for this post. I am also facing that problem.Please help me and send me the code / logic of that code.

hi i want to know how to read the pattern drawn on toutch pad by microcontroller


Hi Ganesh.

I jst want to know where we can check the output in this project.



I will be working with AVR and I am looking for a multipress touch screen to control multiple devices. Any thoughts as to how to go about it? Also, I'm new to coding, can you please help me out? Drop an email id, please?


I am new to programming, So please help

How do I load your source code into the microcontroller if I am having the microcontroller as a chip alone.

I dont have any dev board.

nicely described.

But why did you do (7<<ADPS0).shouldn't it be (1<<ADPS0).


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This is very good. Sir am doing a project on touch screen based home automatio systms.,

please help me out with this. I hope this project can be altered to operates appliences via a touch screen. Will be waiting for your reply. 

which software used for above code simulation

rply urgently