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Switch Status & LED with AVR microcontroller- (Part 6/46)



In this code, i tried to turn off the previous led but it failed. Can you tell me where to insert a command where i can turn on the led and turn off the previous led one at a time?


thanks a lot and more power.

this code is working for incrementing leds but for decrementing how i can modify.....................please explain me bacause at present  i am working on this project only..................if u find any solutions for decrementing please mail me at [email protected]..............

sir ,

the written code is good but the explanation in english is too difficut....

I had to understand through the code itself.

i want that a LED should stay ON as the next LED can i do that??

could give me the source code of air conditioner control system?


No, so sorry am I. i cant give you the source code of the air condition you have asked for. you should refer to the factory and pay some good dollars and then get the code.

truthfully yours

Dear sir:

so thankful I am for the good instructions you have offered to us. however, would you please tell me what VOID means in program writings?

and what role it plays.