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Temperature Controlled System



please..try to's unable to trace a circuit by seeing these do provide us with a schematic circuit along with all the images u have shown....

Look just below the project title, there is a tab named "circuit diagram" .. click on that and click on the image to get a larger and clearer version of it.

Can u plz mail me the circuit diagram with high resolution photo please at

sir, can u say me the actual cost of this project?


plz sir listed the no of equipment use in this project and help me to make it.


Can't you see that I clearly mentioned the parts required under "Components required" heading?

And it takes less than 200 INR.

<p>Sir kindly give me mini smestr project list for &#39;Electric Machines&#39; subject......other then transformer.... I already made transformer</p><p>email.</p>

Thanks for the circuit very well explaned. I am gona try this hope this will work :D


Can you please also share the video of making that project or atleast a top view of the project..

what is the voltage of the capacitor



is there a sample mathematical model for this? i kinda need it... thanks 

Where's your Circuit Diagram? can you please post it here? I just need it :( Thanks

I have a project in this semester and i have chosen this tamperature project. This project what you have shown here is very usefull but can you tell me the required components more specifically. I have gone to the shop but they told me to be more specified about those components. So can you please help me out?


please send me the cicuit diagram and specific components with value on this mail id

for that i shall be thankful to you

clear image plz

i wanna try it

I used Proteus 7 for this simulation but the fan in simulation is not moving, and so the fan on bread board , can you plz help?

Could u mail me the circuit diagram plz... 

plz sir..

ckt digram plz 


Please send me clear hd picture of circuit diagram at
Hello Sir about cost making temperature controlled system
Circuit please,,
How many source voltage needed in this circuit?
Hello Sir your work is Amazing. Can I copy this sir? For my project I will credit this to you. Can u send me the diagram for this