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Wireless PC Controlled Robot Using Bluetooth



please mail me your source code at [email protected]


plz send me the hex file plz


am using hc-05 bluetooth module can you tell me the way to rename it....and can I interface camera with AVR or not.

Of course you can

Thank you... do have a look at my other tutorials also.

please tell me how to interface the camera ...

Hello sir!!!

I am new to the world of robotics.. I am interested to start with such computer controlled bluetooth device.. And as a start I need a huge amount of guidance..

I have done with basic ideas behind this..

Can u provide me a detailed steps to create this robot device...Plzz help

Email Id : [email protected]

Can I have the code? 

i did not see any  code but u r saying that i nalready saw it this is no fair...............

pls sent source code..

i want to make this project

please email me your ource code at [email protected].

i am doing a similar project but it avoids objects

Pls. send me the link to download the serial terminal software

hi im also doing bluetooth control robot but i dont have that source code and how it dump in this ki ples tell me in detal to my mail address mail id: [email protected]
Circuit diagram is not clearly visible can u pls mail me the diagram .. [email protected]

please send to me that source code to my mail

my mail: [email protected] and how to dump that program to kit using brics  software

please send to me how to dump to kit source code and and how to dump to in this kit please send to my mail id

mail id: [email protected]

Very nyce
plz mail me.. hex file of this project ....

i need  serial terminal software 

Please send your code to me email [email protected]

Please send your code to me email " [email protected]"


Please send the hex file of this project to [email protected]

pls email me the code to [email protected]