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Fully Customized Device On/Off Timer



i have made this cct in proteus.
and also made its hex file successfully using WinAVR....
as the cct diagram suggests...i've used ATmega32,,,,

i want to ask that,can i use ATmega 16 instead of Atmega32?

and when i'm running it on proteus....
its just showing,


set count

no button is doing some action!

what to do ? :/

or its just b/c of proteus?




one thing that is missing in the circuit is

you have to connect rest of the pins of PORTA with Vcc

thank you very much!

now its working :)


hello sir !!

I make the circuit using atmega 16, but didn't work at all,

weather having to wear atmega 32 always or may use others such that I try to use