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How to Interface a GSM (SIM 300) Modem with ATmega32 to Send and Receive SMS- (Part 42/46)



hi i like this project u av done a great job here ,am also doing simla bt am find it hard to comunicat with d gsm modul. pls need ur help on how to edit d code to work wit pic microcontroller using mikroc pro for pic thanks

hiee i m workling on this gsm based project and i need help to prepare a assembly language program for receiving message by modem...

pls help

i want the program to send msg through gsm controlled by atmega 16
I want a C code which runs perfectly on Atmega 32 to send SMS using GSM module

Hi,i want to know how can i sent message whit gsm moduls

when the atmega32 which connect to it,sending data,how can i setting the text of message and the reciver number

please say me the solution tanks 

I need the same project using ATmega16 instead of using ATmega32. Plz provide me