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Interfacing ADC0808 with microcontroller 8051

Table of Contents:

  1. Interfacing ADC0808 with microcontroller 8051
  2. Features of ADC 0808
  3. Algorithm
  4. Steps to Program ADC 0808



how to send adc reading to 16x2 lcd and simultaneuosly serial port............

Just initialize rs rw and en as with any of the port and then make two functions for LCD command and LCD data..

If anybody have this programme then Give me full programme of lm35-adc0808 yar.

send me on my id

did u got full programme of lm35-adc0808 ????????

Hi above mentioned interfaced program, send to me also,,,

we are facing problems in adc0808 ...our vcc is 5v ..what will be our vref?.... 

Hey man i m trying to interface pressure sensor with adc0808. namely honeywell sscdann030paaa5 it has a range of 0-30 psi with min v0 = 0.5v and max 4.5v with resolution of 12 bits(analog) means i think it has a stepsize of (4.5-0.5)/2^12 = 0.97mV.


m i doing correctly?


and secondly if m doing correctly then what voltages i put on both vref pins.


i m currently giving 0.5 at vref(-) and 4.5 at vref(+)


will it show me correct value on lcd interfaced with at89c51?


i m little confused here i hope u'll reply as soon as possible. and thanks for your lm35 tutorial now i dont need to multiply adc value with constant to get correct value :-)


just as like as lm35 i want to do it for pressure sensor too...... m confused alot :-(

how to read battery voltage(9v) using ADC and 8051?

I want lm 35, adc0808 temperature control full assembly code.plz send at

hey anybody can tell me how much delay time in above assembly programme


sir what about clock signal pin 


This code is copied and pasted from microcontroller and embedded system by mazidi

my simulation of 0808+lm35+8051 is successfully done on proteus but it's not working on hardware. it's showing 2+..vtg at IN lines

My account is not activated


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