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Interfacing RF Module with 8051 Microcontroller- (Part 15/45)




thanks for uploading such a wonderful project. I have found one error or may be it was my mistake to understand the code. The error is in TX side source code. We are using P3 variable or pin to tranmit the keypad value but no where we have declare the P3.


kindly help me to understand the source code.

Thank you Rohit for watching my project.


Now comming to your question part, I dont think there is any mistake in the code. I have used P3 for sending my data to the encoder and it is clearly mentioned in the code as well.

Morover declarations are done when you need a port to work as an input one(eg: P3=0xff), since in my TX part I am using P3 as an output port therefore it is not required.


I hope I have cleared your doubt and you are also welcomed to ask further.


Have a nice day!!!




E:\rx.c(2): warning C318: can't open file 'delay.h'
E:\rx.c(3): warning C318: can't open file 'lcd.h'
E:\rx.c(8): warning C206: 'Lcd8_Init': missing function-prototype
E:\rx.c(14): warning C206: 'Lcd8_Cmd': missing function-prototype
E:\rx.c(14): error C267: 'Lcd8_Cmd': requires ANSI-style prototype
Target not created
help me

hi there


According to me these problems are occuring due to absence of the header files I have used. I hope you have created those header files separately, if you haven't; do the same. Header files are saved by the extension ".h".


Do one thing, attach these header files inside the same folder where all your related files are stored and then compile/build the code again. I just hope this thing is going to solve your issue :).....

over lay function occure what i do sir


just declare the function above the void main()...the problem will be solve...



which compiler did u use ?

pls help..

keil version 3


need receiver lcd heder file


thanx for uploading  such a wonderful project....will u please help me kindly understand the source code.

i have a project with rf module but it will be required for me to write program in assembly language...will u please help me...????

coding do not have reg51.h coding


Buddy what is the name of simulator that you are using  ?

nice project for ug level students

plz you can gave me this coding in assembly language...

Hello, great project. i wanted to ask that the TE pin is not used, what is the reason, and not the address pin are used..

how to send 8 bit charactersin  the  Rf module   with  4 bit  encoder & decode

hmmm nice one


sir how can i remove this error,,,,

C:\KEIL\C51\INC\ATMEL\REG51.H(13): error C129: missing ';' before 'sfr'

Target not created

though i checked the same folder,,,according to error no ";" was missing befor any sfr


here is my REG51.H,,,if any error is there then let me know pls help,,pls


Header file for generic 80C51 and 80C31 microcontroller.
Copyright (c) 1988-2002 Keil Elektronik GmbH and Keil Software, Inc.
All rights reserved.

#ifndef __REG51_H__
#define __REG51_H__

/*  BYTE Register  */
sfr P0   = 0x80;
sfr P1   = 0x90;
sfr P2   = 0xA0;
sfr P3   = 0xB0;
sfr PSW  = 0xD0;
sfr ACC  = 0xE0;
sfr B    = 0xF0;
sfr SP   = 0x81;
sfr DPL  = 0x82;
sfr DPH  = 0x83;
sfr PCON = 0x87;
sfr TCON = 0x88;
sfr TMOD = 0x89;
sfr TL0  = 0x8A;
sfr TL1  = 0x8B;
sfr TH0  = 0x8C;
sfr TH1  = 0x8D;
sfr IE   = 0xA8;
sfr IP   = 0xB8;
sfr SCON = 0x98;
sfr SBUF = 0x99;

/*  BIT Register  */
/*  PSW   */
sbit CY   = 0xD7;
sbit AC   = 0xD6;
sbit F0   = 0xD5;
sbit RS1  = 0xD4;
sbit RS0  = 0xD3;
sbit OV   = 0xD2;
sbit P    = 0xD0;

/*  TCON  */
sbit TF1  = 0x8F;
sbit TR1  = 0x8E;
sbit TF0  = 0x8D;
sbit TR0  = 0x8C;
sbit IE1  = 0x8B;
sbit IT1  = 0x8A;
sbit IE0  = 0x89;
sbit IT0  = 0x88;

/*  IE   */
sbit EA   = 0xAF;
sbit ES   = 0xAC;
sbit ET1  = 0xAB;
sbit EX1  = 0xAA;
sbit ET0  = 0xA9;
sbit EX0  = 0xA8;

/*  IP   */
sbit PS   = 0xBC;
sbit PT1  = 0xBB;
sbit PX1  = 0xBA;
sbit PT0  = 0xB9;
sbit PX0  = 0xB8;

/*  P3  */
sbit RD   = 0xB7;
sbit WR   = 0xB6;
sbit T1   = 0xB5;
sbit T0   = 0xB4;
sbit INT1 = 0xB3;
sbit INT0 = 0xB2;
sbit TXD  = 0xB1;
sbit RXD  = 0xB0;

/*  SCON  */
sbit SM0  = 0x9F;
sbit SM1  = 0x9E;
sbit SM2  = 0x9D;
sbit REN  = 0x9C;
sbit TB8  = 0x9B;
sbit RB8  = 0x9A;
sbit TI   = 0x99;
sbit RI   = 0x98;


same mistake comming .

did you get solution????


Such a great code, nice

nice and helpful video





Hiii, I am not able to view the full circuit diagram. Please help . 

sir, can send me proper ckt diagram of this project ? except this proteus fig...and tell me how to burn the source code on 8051


want to learn rf module interfacing

sir,my project is "wireless communication between p.c and m.c using r.f module".i am searching for microcontroller code. in my project we use AT89C51 microcontroller and rs 232,max 232 can we use this same(above project) code for my project

where can i  find ht12e/d and rx tx in proteus 8 pro?

if you have registered proteus then you got it... otherwise you are using demo version......

can i get circuit diagram with 8051 program code??

if you are copying project you can got it... otherwise you can design your selfly...


for simulation of receiver side which software did you use?


for simulation of receiver side which software did you use?


for simulation of receiver side which software did you use?

by what name should i search encoder and decoder in proteus 

take me header file delay.h and keypad.h



How to add header file to project in kiel  uvision 5.0.

lcd.h, delay.h and keypad.h

Hello, great project. i wanted to ask that the TE pin is not used, what is the reason, and non of the address pin are used.. also how to send 8 bit charactersin the Rf module with 4 bit encoder & decode

can i have the circuit and the code

im a student am doing this as my project

Please send the source code of this project

when i clcik on the crcuit diagam to zom it its not opening. Can u help me out.


Dear sir,here we can transfer only 0 to 9.if i want to transfer 0 to 99 then how to write code?please hint.

that all depends upon the decoder , it used 4 wire so you can count upto 0 to F or 0 to 16 .


 Can you please provide us the circuit diagram which includes connections of resistors and capacitors with respective  values. As we see in your video there are some resistors and capacitors connected in it but where as in your ciruit diagram it's not. Will you be able to provide the source code in 8051 assembling language as it will be helpful to use in our project. Please insist us  in the best possible way that you can.

Thank you.

Please connect 1M resister at 18 and 15 pins of both0 HT12E.