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Line Follower Robot



keep it up.


simple but use full



it is quit simple


it cannt be excuted


why can't it?

Check with connections...

We have tested it before uploading...

effective ^^



give full code plzzzzzzz


which controller u hv used in this project?



You are welcome :)

Its based on 8051 controller...!!
Program was tested on P89V51RD2BN.

wow its working and making fast line follower


You are welcome :)

Its fast because its using less complex yet effective way of testing the sensors and providing output.

Hello Am new at this. I've made several circuits but I've never done programming. There's a CODE2 link given, what is that for? And if that is for programming can you tell me the software and hardware I should buy? And how to program it

i want code for avrstudio atmeg8


If you have worked on the given code, you can easliy make the same for AVR also.


Actually programming in AVR is easier than 8051


You are welcome

ala code free ma al ne...!



please i need help for line following autonomous vehicle, how write the codes using 8051 microcontroller  




For basic understanding of software, refer the tutorials section. 

You will find very nice tutorials with videos..


Feel free to contact us on any query...



For understanding Keil, refer the tutorial section.


Working code of line follower robot is given in this article already.

could anyone send me the whole code I am using Atmega8 in my bot...It would be really helpful if someone send me the code.Please send me at [email protected] 



It will be nice if you give a try and ask us if you are facing any issue.

We will help our best to solve it...




If you have not used it, you will get 2 codes free...!!!

source code not open.

but add in this site.

please open source code.


Check with the login and try again.


If not happening, send a mail to support department of this site.

great code. Thanks. 

it is a very good project

How to operate the robo on white line with dark background?
Please mention the Change in Circuitry.
Thank you.

Sorry I could not get a clear view of the circuit diagarm.


Great project

very usefull

I need a clear view of circuit diagram could you post it again 



Preety useful. May I know which IC chip you re using ? Cheers 

complete project report upload


can i get its code in assembly plz?

why the circuit diagram is not opening ??


Hey esto es un gran poste. Puedo utilizar una porcin en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligara a su sitio as que la gente podra leer el artculo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera. ebcbbdeeabkf

As i am doing the same project (line follwer using arduino uno board) can any one send the code,as i'm using white background with black line

the circuit diagram is not even visible.does it even work.n if u r not interested in sharing why do u upload 

Unable to view code n cicuit
Unable to view code n cicuit
Unable to view code n cicuit

From where I can get reg51.h file that is mentioned in the above code?