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Line Follower Robot



Source code

plz give whole circuit diagram...proteous circuit diagram is not fully given...plz reply fast

Hello can you tell me how did you connect the battery to the circuit and the connection ? its not clear so thats why

Can you please provide the neat and more detailed circuit diagram of this project

where did u connect 7805 ???

which format is the program



plz give me all your project detailed which you actually design ...and what diffuculty and  error arrive on that time

plz give whole ckt diagram.


please provide me neat circuit diagram

where you have used ADC? how it converts anlog to digital


how i can slow down the speed of this robot????????????/  plzzz reply me

plz give circute diagram with full details
plz provide total diagram including sensors

Please give complete circuit diagram


there is an error in the code....plz check it out.