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Contributions List

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Moving LED Display
Biometric Voting Machine
Automatic Night Light Control
Combination Starter
Bank Security System
Automatic Gun Targeting System
Microcontroller Based Accelerometer
Content based Image Retrieval (CBIR) using MATLAB
Operating Daily Life Gadgets using Voice Recognition System and Embedded Controllers
MPPT Based Solar Powered Home
Transformerless 1-Phase Multilevel Photovoltaic Inverter
Generator Auxiliary Control System using Ethernet
Wireless Patient Heartbeat and Temperature monitoring system
Sensing Train integrity and rectification of parting using Wireless Sensor Networks
Obstacle avoidance & navigation of path tracing manipulator for Industrial Robots
Cell Phone based Device Control with Voice Acknowledgement
Three Phase Appliance Protector
Automation in Embroidery Machine
Cellphone Operated Land Rover (Robot)
Dust bot
Attendance Software using RFID Module
Temperature Controlled Fan
16-Channel Data Acquisition System(DACQ)
40W Inverter
Controlling a Desktop Computer with a Remote Control
Controlling Audio Volume & Tone with a Remote Control
Audio Tone Control
Voltage Level Display of 12V Battery
Touch Switch for On/Off High Voltage Electrical Equipments
Short Circuit Detector
Voice extractor
Remote Control Tester
Remote Controlled Electrical Equipments
Wireless Industrial Switching System with Real Time Feedback
Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) or Spycar
FM Transmitter
Digital Clock without Microcontroller
Simple TRIAC Controlled Ceiling Fan
Cell Phone Controlled Robot without a Microcontroller
Low Cost Hall Effect Sensor
Microcontroller Based LPG Gas Leakage Detector using GSM Module
Frequency and Pulse Width Measurement using microcontroller
Melody Modulation Circuit
Frequency and RPM Counter
Sign Language Glove with Voice Synthesizer
PIC Microcontroller based Battery Bank protection with Circuit & Code
Typing Assistant based on 8051 microcontroller
Tachometer using microcontroller
Line Follower Robot