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Contributions List

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Title Total views
Content based Image Retrieval (CBIR) using MATLAB 195,936
Microcontroller Based Accelerometer 65,525
Combination Starter 29,688
Moving LED Display 199,278
Biometric Voting Machine 160,170
Automatic Night Light Control 135,977
Wireless Flight Data Recorder (FDR) for Airplanes 15,480
Online Recruitment Information System 98,815
Bank Security System 72,890
Automatic Gun Targeting System 51,443
Accident Prevention and Security System for Automobiles 102,288
Porting of Micro C/OS-II kernel in ARM powered microcontroller 41,631
Operating Daily Life Gadgets using Voice Recognition System and Embedded Controllers 39,422
Car to Car Communication System 31,605
Power Optimization of Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) for Low Power BIST 18,471
MPPT Based Solar Powered Home 61,443
Sensing Through Finger Tips 21,633
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 20,286
Transformerless 1-Phase Multilevel Photovoltaic Inverter 21,571
Implementation of CAN –Network in Car Automation 40,011
Generator Auxiliary Control System using Ethernet 21,089
Wireless Patient Heartbeat and Temperature monitoring system 140,011
Sensing Train integrity and rectification of parting using Wireless Sensor Networks 20,645
Obstacle avoidance & navigation of path tracing manipulator for Industrial Robots 42,136
Intelligent Ambulance with Automatic Traffic Control 133,537
GSM based Industrial Automation 92,299
Cell Phone based Device Control with Voice Acknowledgement 71,851
Three Phase Appliance Protector 31,491
Automation in Embroidery Machine 26,990
PIC16F877A Based MMC Voice Recorder 24,592
Cellphone Operated Land Rover (Robot) 107,893
Medicine Reminder using Arduino 34,009
Interfacing ADC0808 with microcontroller 8051 73,593
Object Counter using 8051 49,210
Dust bot 12,822
Mobile Phone Simulator using GSM module 14,448
Attendance Software using RFID Module 20,802
Traffic Light Controller 130,514
Robotic Arm 56,665
Temperature Controlled Fan 109,254
Text Animation on 16x2 LCD using Microcontroller 20,451
DC Stepper Motor with AT89C51 Microcontroller 20,624
16-Channel Data Acquisition System(DACQ) 19,470
8x8 LED matrix using Arduino Microcontroller 39,007
8 Contestant Quiz Buzzer Project using Assembly Language 33,160
SMS Based Security System 196,012
40W Inverter 49,547
Controlling a Desktop Computer with a Remote Control 29,219
Controlling Audio Volume & Tone with a Remote Control 42,090
DTMF Based ROBO Car 446,443