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Contributions List

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Title Total views
Moving LED Display 228,269
Biometric Voting Machine 194,353
Automatic Night Light Control 153,050
Combination Starter 33,720
Bank Security System 83,629
Automatic Gun Targeting System 64,251
Accident Prevention and Security System for Automobiles 127,988
Microcontroller Based Accelerometer 75,341
Content based Image Retrieval (CBIR) using MATLAB 229,486
Operating Daily Life Gadgets using Voice Recognition System and Embedded Controllers 44,857
Car to Car Communication System 38,176
MPPT Based Solar Powered Home 71,306
Sensing Through Finger Tips 23,966
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 22,682
Transformerless 1-Phase Multilevel Photovoltaic Inverter 25,398
Implementation of CAN –Network in Car Automation 46,754
Generator Auxiliary Control System using Ethernet 24,331
Wireless Patient Heartbeat and Temperature monitoring system 162,247
Sensing Train integrity and rectification of parting using Wireless Sensor Networks 23,227
Obstacle avoidance & navigation of path tracing manipulator for Industrial Robots 48,015
Intelligent Ambulance with Automatic Traffic Control 169,288
Cell Phone based Device Control with Voice Acknowledgement 79,868
Three Phase Appliance Protector 35,740
Automation in Embroidery Machine 34,828
PIC16F877A Based MMC Voice Recorder 31,391
Cellphone Operated Land Rover (Robot) 126,243
Object Counter Using 8051 59,974
Dust bot 14,414
Mobile Phone Simulator using GSM module 16,245
Attendance Software using RFID Module 25,278
Temperature Controlled Fan 132,933
16-Channel Data Acquisition System(DACQ) 21,795
40W Inverter 56,673
Controlling a Desktop Computer with a Remote Control 34,611
Controlling Audio Volume & Tone with a Remote Control 47,642
DTMF Based ROBO Car 454,690
Audio Tone Control 23,932
Voltage Level Display of 12V Battery 26,864
Touch Switch for On/Off High Voltage Electrical Equipments 11,949
Short Circuit Detector 22,837
Voice extractor 11,353
Remote Control Tester 15,149
Remote Controlled Electrical Equipments 19,667
Wireless Industrial Switching System with Real Time Feedback 29,805
Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) or Spycar 41,602
FM Transmitter 75,307
Digital Clock without Microcontroller 105,162
Simple TRIAC Controlled Ceiling Fan 56,039
Cell Phone Controlled Robot without a Microcontroller 94,052
Low Cost Hall Effect Sensor 67,929