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Medicine Reminder using Arduino



SuPeRb DuDe,thankx


dude can yoou send me the library


do u know how to declare rtc module in the program of arduino pro mini?


why i cant use this source code to run my simulation ?... can u tell me what should i do,,,,?


i am also facing this problem


Practice make man perfect

this project is not running properly on proteus

can i use urduino uno to replace arduino mini

can i use arduino uno
I have to. Take different medicine about. 8/9 times in day.. I can build circuit if I have complete circuit Diagrams. Can you help me? My e.mail I'd Regards Vikram

can you show me this circuit diagram more clear?

can u give the circuit diagram of this project


can i use arduino uno

If i change the arduino to pic16f877a.fuction still about the circuit diagram and coding
It works perfectly fine for me but can I get a more detailed explaination of the source code. Do you use any source on creating the code. Thank you.

thank you


how can we set the time and medicine to be taken? why you are not using a keypad?



Pls give it's project report
hello, i wish to know the type of Arduino microcontroller used in this nice project. thanks for replying on time :-D
Can you give the circuit diagram of this ckt

how much will it cost?????

hello, what if i want the reminder to appear in phone instead of LCD, what name i need to put instead of the LCD in the code?


What this whole project cost you exactly? Wanna know the cost of arduino pro mini and of which volt should i buy?Can you send your mail id for further doubts?

How the power supply is given to the this set up? How the LCD GLOWS?


can you show me this circuit diagram and connection more clear?



cam anyone send


i need the source code can u send it .



Can you kindly share with us the Source C file along with the Library Files.




can i use urduino uno to replace arduino mini



Can u send me library

can you plz send me d source code for include dosage and next prescribed time in dis program.

How to declare rtc module in the program of arduino pro mini?

yr saddam i did that project and the time running is also correct.But as i press tha set medicine switch ,it hangs and the other two switches are also wont work after that.

hai ,

i want code to the arduino uno based smart medicine reminder

how to write c code to arduino uno based samart medicine remainder

How can keypad connect to arduino in medicine reminder

how can time and date set in this medicine reminder

please help to connect an tiny rtc 12c arduino and lcd


I am using rtc ds3231. My program is not uploading. What should i do. I am stuck.

can you send me the code please.

can you tell the connections of rtc to arduino properly !!

Send the Arduino code file...

Hello can anyone send me the source code to

bro can u send me the flow chart for this code plzzz

send me all details about that project