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Microcontroller Based LPG Gas Leakage Detector using GSM Module

Table of Contents:

  1. Microcontroller Based LPG Gas Leakage Detector using GSM Module
  2. Working Principle & Microcontroller Details
  3. GSM Module
  4. Circuit Diagram & Flow Chart



Where is the program code for this project?

@ strangeganesh: code is with article, plz see bottom side  :)


where is code for this project.??

code with article on every page, plz see at bottom  :)

When i wrote this comment it was not there guess the website ppl added it afterwards

what software i can use to write and compile the programms for the AVR microcontrollers?


to write the code for AVR microcontrollers


is it necessary to connect an opAmp to the gas sensor module.

cant we directly use only MQ-5 and give its output to ADC

Sir Ashish Sharma, This is an excellent project. I am very interested in implementing this. With all due respect sir, I would like to know more about this innovation. Can you please PM me in my email sir? i am quite confused on the actual flow of the programs and how the codes are to be used. Your help will be much appreciated Sir.

Sir Ashish Sharma, what an awesome innovation. Amazing mental ability.I am very interested too with this project. With your permission, I would like to know this. Can you please pm me in my email sir? I dont know how to program Atmega..and wat are softwares to be codes are to be used..Any help will be highly appreciated..likewise the coding of this microcontroller you.

Could you please help me sir regarding this? Sir Ashish Sharma I am very much interested with this project.I would like to know more about this also..Can you please pm me in my email sir? am a neophyte when it comes to atmega microcontroller.hope to hear you soon in my email.any help would be highly appreciated..thanks..

Good day Mr. Ashish Sharma, could you help us,


We are I.T students of QCPU, and we were amazed to your innovation. We would like to propose gas leak deterctor connected to in our thesis. But looks like you use a different software and application for this Gas leak detector. But still we want also to learn the software you used in this. Could you help us sir, regards to the programs u used and how u connect it to the device.

Here is our email:
Thankyou & Godbless.

sir can i write code in c language


sir i need program code can u please mail me my mail id is


sir itz a very influencive project.........but i want to use ATmega8 microcontroller instead ATmega16..........can i done this?

Dear all.

thanks to all for ur comments and love. The complete document and the code is with this  article. All of u can learn the working of this project with the help of flow chart diagram. u can use any microcontrooler, in which u are interested not only atmega. well if any one want any help after this , can post their problem on this tread or mail me at or can join me on facebook using my link ]]>]]> .


Thnking u all.

have a good day  :)

i am interested in doing this project.can you please mail me the sourcecode at

i am interested in this project.can you please mail me the source code at

I need your help I need to use the lpg sensor with a raspberry Its this posible
I need 3 of this in a case, how much for each?
Mr. Sharma I need to contact you. I need yout help for a project

Mr. Luis, please contact me at Thanks !!!!

hello Mr. Sharma...


           I was totally amazed by your work sir, and i am interested in it. With all your due respect may i have further explanation on its testing process. Here is my e-mail address:



Thank you very much sir:)

Dear Frnds,

Thanks for luv and appreciations. My personal id is if any want to personally mail me, he/she can use this mail id.

Thanks again.




Hello Sir Sharma,


I am an Electronics engineering student at LSPU SPCC. I want a favor to ask, can you help me on how you program the device, what software you used and the program for the system. Please respond in my emailaddress: Your response will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

hello ashish bro....

                             can you please send me the circuit of the project with lcd connections to me. My mail id is Thanks in advance. 

i need cicuit diagran......plz help.

can you please attach the curcit diagram of the programmer that you use in order to program the ATmega16??

sir i want a source code..pls mail me..

Well done .Sir , i need of 3g base home automation if send me details.

wonderful work sir !!! yes

HI Sir,


Really Good one and i am interesting to doing this one please can u mail me the source code. can i do this in any 8051 IC, Presently we are using P89V51RD2 .


Help me out.




Email ID :

Thanks and Regards,




the downloaded code contains 4 .c files, wheres the total CODE

main code in 'msgdisplay.c' file. Rest all are library files for support !!!!

Please sir, give me a components specifications of this project and also give the circuit diagram in detail

on my email add.


What is the overall cost incurred to implement this project?


This is a very good project. I am interested in doing the same. But I am having some problems.

The code has code for lcd in it, even though lcd is not there in the circuit diagram representation.

Secondly, what is SL1 in the circuit diagram representation?

Third, what is the flow of the code; the order with which all c files need to be arranged?

The downloaded code contains 4 c. files. Please provide with the total code and the circuit diagram as well.

Sir, mail me the needful at

main code in 'msgdisplay.c' file. Rest all are library files for support !!!!

Hi Sir , 


I found u r project to be very good , so i have made the circuit

but i am facing problems with the program

The zip file that u have attached contains many .C files - which file to add is a confusion

it also contains many .h(header files) how to add them to the main file

Plz help

thanku in advance


How can I compile it in one hex file? There are 4 .c files and 3 .h files?

How to program it? Please reply. THank you Sir. :)

Same problem is faced by me

can anyone pls help

There are 4 .c files and 3 .h files

how to compile them into one

 Please reply. Thank you Sir. :)


sir,its a splended project no one can refused from importance of it.dear sir i m final year student and i need ur help.

sir this project have just intial step of detection no sefty issue is i wanna to added some security issue and like atumatic shutoff valve,and also add a fire detection i.e (gas and fire detection with atumatic security controll),further info will give u on the respons.............

hope u will reply very soon


May I get the program code,component details and circuit diagram explanation in detail?


i like very much ur project . and also i am doing work with this project . but i confused with some point that are about the code which have to burn in micro contrroller . i am not able to under stand the code pgm . so it is my request to you that pl send me the hex file of this project . and give the idea how did i implement that code in a sequence .

where is the actual code for this program...?the zip file contains different files...?how to arrange those?


the circuit diagram is not clear and what about the program code


hi there...


i see on the schematic diagram, there is no xtal used.

what clock is it?



this board is not using crystal?

how could be?

and what is the clock speed?

No program is there....



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