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Mobile Controlled Home Automation



i did not get any code for any controller

hi there...

let me clear this out that to get the code, either you'll need to be a member or take the subscription. Moreover this code has been written dedicatedly for 8051 operate it on other microcontrollers you'll need to change the code accordingly.

if you still have any query, feel free to ask again.


sir please send me the exact circuit diagram.I cannot find those crystal,capacitor & resistor in the circuit.But they are used in the demo piece of project.Pls help me by sending the exart one.

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could i get all components list and clear circuit diagram with leds etc




Q-1. Can I replace 89C51 with 89S51?

Q-2. Can I use same program for 89S51 or 89S52?



hiii ganev singh

 sir , i am making this project so can send me the list of components used in this project . 

and the ckt diagram  and component used in   dtmf decoder on my mail 


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can you please share the code that you used !

please send me clear circuit diagram of this project


Dear Sir,

Please send the detail circuit diagram & PCB layout u hav design for same.

interesting..i want the ckt diagram


Nice job......

why isnt resistor and capacitor not mentioned in the circuit diagram but they are present in the video??are they needed ????? 

can you send me a clearer circuit diagram if possible???

i have already registered 

can you tell me more about the cube relay please?


i just want to know which app u used to pick up the call. is it available on PLAY STORE?

please give u r replay as soon as possible or mail it at : [email protected]

i will be very thankful if you do my help.....


Sir, can you tell exactly which dtmf module you have used???

moreover should it work with any dtmf module??

circuit diagram is not clear

specify the components nos clearly

send me total circuit diagram



can i use this program for 89c51 and this program in this site is full source code

hey wil u plz forward me the ckt diag


unable to view clear circuit diagram


Res sir We are interested in ur Circuit idea ,sir we want all the circuit details of the mobail operated house light control syatem as u loaded on this site also programming of microcontroller .if u have a ready made ckt kit please send me details of it on my id:[email protected]

Hi Sir,

can you please provide me a clear circuit diagram and component list. It will help me a lot



can u plz provide the ckt diagram

I need the source code of this project . can you inbox me ???



Such a nice project..

thank you so much.

sir please provide me the another circuit diagram so as to do proper connection 

hi bro.May i know whether the source codeis complete or not?

hi bro.May i know whether the source codeis complete or not?

please mail me the proper circuit diagram!!my e-mail id is [email protected]



Can I use arudino uno for this 

you can use arudino but the coding is different..the coding given is only for 89s52 mc

Sir plz tell me what is the Component require in this project(home appliance using cell)

mail me your doubts at [email protected]

Sir I doesn't understand the circuit which is given in this. There is no power supply is provided to it .Sir please provide a proper circuit we r working on this is [email protected]

we have used 12v adaptor insted of assembling the power supply

mail me your doubts to [email protected]

SIR, THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM IS NOT CLEAR. kindly send me the complete circuit diagram in which crystal oscillator, voltage regulator, dtmf decoder connections are clear. please reply as soon as possible .its too urgent .plzz mail me at [email protected]


Sir, I am a hobbist and interested in this project can you post the details (the cct including the source code) through [email protected]

I will appreciate.Thanking you in advance.

dear sir can i have acircuit diagram & source code please. thank you my email          [email protected]

sir plz can i have the hole information of the project...plz.mai email id is [email protected]

Sir please send me the exact circuit diagram as in the preset digra some parts like the crystal oscillator and 7805 voltage regulator has not been specified clearly. ID: [email protected]


That's Great work 
I'm interested in the Circuit .... Can you help me in making the same circuit by providing a clear Circuit diagram and the relavent data, please 
I'll waiting your reply...... 

Thanks .... 

Hello Sir,
I am currently in third year of electronics and communication. For my mini project, i want to make this. can you please provide me with the necessary details. That will be of very much help. You can send me details on my email id [email protected].

Thank you.

please  send the complete ckt daigram


please send the source code of the project


Witch type of Appliances  we can controlled...........explain in detail

Sir..please sent this coding to [email protected] tq sir

Sir we want program to be feeded to microcontroller n full circuit diagram with examplantion n also working of d system