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Mobile - Gesture Controlled Car



Ganeev can u tell me how u have made the above app

or can u send the apk to my email id,,,,

Having problem with coding! Can you provide hex file? 


nice project, but can you help with the android app? thanks

SensoDuino android app is best for it. Search it on the play store.
uart.h file is missing ....plz help me

can you send this app to my email id:

can you send the apk to my email? i've try to make it but i have problem with the bluetooth setup. thanks in advance

I have the app, anyone need it.. Request me at !!
yes i want that app.....plz send me on my email
Can u send this App

sir plz send the app , hex file and usart.h file plz,,,,sir its urgent .....

Pls send me this app I need it Mail:

plz send me the app on

i want app and also hex file plz help me


bro can you send me app

Hy can u for this.. I need apk and coding. Plz Urgent ..
can u please tell an estimate of the project... and where i can get the materials required...??

can you provide me the .apk file email id is

thank u in advance

can u send me the circuit diagram to

can u also send me the apk file please to

can you please attach source code of UART...??


i have a problem with coding , uart.h is not supporting, please provide me the supportable programming which can run on avr studio 4


Can you please send me the apk and uart header file on

Thank you....

picture is not clearly visible.can you hemp me please


Sir please send all the liberary used in this project and also send the .c file. My email id is Thanks with regard.
Bro pls tell me how could u feed the calibrated values into the microcontroller

App u talked about,is it available on play store?

Can you please send me the apk and uart header file plzz on thanks in advance

u can make app by using MIT app inventor 2

Sir help me......hex file.....uart problem

Can u plz give me the source code for micro controller

Sir will u please mail me the uart.h file and apk to

I need a circuit diagram of this project.. I already clicked a circuit diagram tab but a new window is poped up but diagram is not appearing... Send me at

Need help,

Sir will you please mail me the uart.h file and apk to

sir how to develope an app ??? plzz tell me !!!! or please can you send me the .apk file of your app on my emai ??

my email is please sir reply me as soon as possible

thank you sir!!!!

reply me as hurry as possible.

Can you send the "apk" and "uart.h" to my email ""? Thank you very much.

i need this project kindlty send me on mail

i want app and also problem in hex file.send me on

Have u gt rply or some kind of help?
Sir will u pls provide uart file and m using sensodno app. So accrdng to that programming also. Thnq sir Send me on