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One Time Programmable Password Lock



which type of lcd is used


please can u tell me the name of the diode D2

branch (C) below the relay it goes to where ?
there is a red branch abover the lcd it goes to where or connected to what ?
help please

that is diode connected between relay terminals. its a normal diode

is that working and if yes then how can i interface lcd and keypad with the given c program if i took them individually and merge then keil shows error so now what can i do plz suggest  me or send me a new code on kasturenishant @ space is there)


what is the value of d2??


willthis code work for at89c51

No. HEX code is too big for 8051. Use 8052.

sir i have ultra 8051 devlopment board v1.2 in this i double check connection but keypad not works 

sir kindly reply fast


can you have proteus simution for this project



Hi, have a very good day wherever you are. Can this source code compiled in MIDE code compiler instead of KEIL (IDE) compiler ?

code for this project pleas

sir we need a micro controller keil software code how we can convert c program in hex file

1. Use AT89C52 because the HEX code generated exceeds the memory of 8051.

2. Don't connect buzzer as the program for buzzer output is wrong. Buzzer will keep ringing continuously instead of giving a single beep for correct password and two beeps for wrong password.

3. Relay need not be connected unless you require it for an application.

4. LCD is JHD 162A and requires a pull-up resistor to be connected to data pins D0-D7. Pin 1 of pull-up to Vcc and pin 2 to D0 and so on till D7. Extra pins of pull-up (if any) are not connected.

5. Keypad uses PORT 1 not port 3.
"4x3-Matrix-Array-12-Key-Membrane-Switch-Keypad-Keyboard-for-Arduino. ZRX 543 connector."
This is the keypad that can be used. P1.0 to P1.3 are connected to pins 3 to 1 respectively. P1.4 to P1.7 are connected to pins 7 to 4 respectively.

which componets are used in this ciicuit tell me the name of component


Can anyone help me ? I want 10 led on and off sequincely by set on and off time on lcd using arduino

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