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PIC16F877A Based MMC Voice Recorder

Table of Contents:

  1. PIC16F877A Based MMC Voice Recorder
  2. Video



Nice project :)


I also tried something similar, but the result wasnt so good.


I think you may improve the circuit by adding a 220K resistor between 5V and analog in


Anyway, the sound quality is impressive for PWM :) what frequency did you use?

i am learning microcontroler programing at home can u hralp me


Yes you are right, that pre amp is not properly designedno.



Now about the PWM:


I used,





PWM frequency = Fosc / [(PR2 + 1) * 4 * (TMR2 Prescale Value) ]


ie PWM frequency =  20,000000 / [81 * 4 * 1]

                               =   61728.39506 Hz

                              ~=  61.7 KHz

hope the calculation is correct..:)

great, very very interesting, can i design simple audio player without accessing fat files.


awesome project.

i am also interested in such kind of thing.

sir can u give me some tips or changes in ur code that shoud i make to read mmc and display it on lcd


  i am doing a project in which i have to store data in micro sd card . I am using pic 18f25k22 and micro c compiler in that it is not able to write at micro sd card but function is returned write successful and read successful can any on suggest me what i have to do with sd card before writing.actually already formated in Fat16 .i am using san disk memory card.

very good work

How can I get code of this project? I have need of sd card code with spi for pic series.

cool bro thanks for everything.

Please send me the code


Great project. Can you provide the Source please to

many thanks

it is a best project for me. But i want 24 hours mode rtc1307 clock and alarm with this circuit. please 

send me source code for it to my email    thanking you


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