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Robo Car Control over WiFi



I am very thankful to you for the very helpful post . i will implement it in to my project thank yo again


i am implementing this project , the main problem which i am facing is ip address , now my question is what ip address is assign to this device. Thank you in advance

did you managed to get it working ?

There is no problem because you connect rxd pin of arduino directly to esp8266.

How to know the ip address of tle esp8266 module. Whenever I type commands like"AT" no response comes from the module. I have to complete my project and I am stuck up here, please help.

have you ? managed how to get it working ?

How to assign SSID and Password to the esp 8266 module.

ohhh great i like it......

i will try to implement  it.

Can you please give the list of components used in this.

Can you please tell me how to upload the code in ESP-8266 module using Arduino? 


God bless you too!!!!

tyre jodaych shikavlya baddal dhanyavad ganu . . amhala he jmla nasta!!!!! god bless you

i want to do the same internet controlled robot project but using ARM7 based lpc2148

so can you help me

which wifi module to use and a little help in coding

Thankyou in advance

iam also stuck up with wifi esp8266 if it detects the signal iam not able to transmitting if iam transmiiting it doesnt detecting the device what i have to do


Everything goes well! But in the end, after entering the IP Address, it shows :"This site can’t be reached".

I have tried each alternative.

Though i can find my ip address of in the cmd window of my systen, by the eroor is still coming!


Kindly help