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Single Phase Offline UPS using PIC Microcontroller



Circuit is not clear

very nice frend.....


give it schematic diagram and code

its output is square wave or sine wave??

Its Squre wave , By  developing code using pwm techiquie it can modifies ito sine wave.

how can i pay money


Mr. Sandeep Jadhav,


I liked the simplicity with which you have explained the circuit of an offline UPS. I am looking for a little customisation in the circuit. Instead of using "battery & inverter with step-up transformer" as a secondary power source I am looking for a  solution if another power source can be used instead, so that the relay switch can provide power to the load with secondary power source, if the primary source is not available.


I am willing to buy this circuit if you can make it and courier it to my address.


If interested, I can send you my email address, and we can be in touch.



Thank You, I will Happy to do modification. massage me mail id on 9595383766

How can get the  clean picture.

circuit view is not clear...if possible plz mail me circuit diagram.

thank you

Inspite of your clear explaination, Circuit diagram is not clear. Would you be kind enough to upload a more legible diagram in the interest of all your readers? Thanks in adance....

your circuit diagram is not clear. can you please mail me a clear circuit diagram ..

I really need it for my mtech project. Please reply as soon as possible.


Sir ineed for home inverter /ups copmatable ac/dc charging dc/ac inverter with cut off current /heat contol a/c in,/out manage cod for pic 30f210 from how irecive this cod

A very clever project, Well presented. However, the schematic circuit is not clear at all. Not able to see component values and types.

Regards Basil