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Speed and Direction Control of Stepper Motor using AVR Microcontroller- (Part 25/46)



I am using stepper motor having rating 1.3 A, 1.8 steps/angle. I want to rotate this motor clockwise for 5 sec and anticlockwise for 5 sec. So please help me program for this.

I want to control a stepper motor by using switch and also on/off the led using another switch using avr microcontroller


I want to control stepper motor ( on,off, low speed ,high speed,speed reversal) with the help of gsm sim300 and a lcd interfaced with it showing proper massage . Please send me the complete code for this.

Did you get the code


i am using a unipolar half mode stepper motor having step angle of 5.625 along with the uln2003 motor driver ckt .i am using 89c51 microcontroller .plz send me the ckt diagram and the complete code  for (on,off,clock rotation and anticlock rotation) of stepper motor

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please email me for a project with stepper motor i need to build 



Dear A M Bhatt,
    I want to make a application for control of door open and close using switches, when I press the switch the door should open and wait for some times and it should again close the door, as I am new in programming I need help from you for doing this project, how to write the code for this application, I am not getting the logic to write the code, I want to write c or c++ code, I am using the texas instruments MSP430F2617 controller and DRV8829 driver for this operation and I have purchased the Evaluation module of DRV8829 board showing how bipolar stepper motor would work using the driver by giving instructions from computer system application, but here I dont want to give instructions from system but instead I want to use switches, when switch pressed the door should open and then close, now I need to write code for the application how I can write, or
can you please send me the code for this operation...

I want to know how we can develope such code which after execution will rotate the motor by a specific distance ?


it's very helfull for me

I am looking at programming a stepper motor which is controlled by a keypad function to set direction of rotation and also speed of rotation with the LCD dispaly the dierction and speed, i would be grateful for any assistance with writing the c-code for the function of the stepper motor and lcd.


Im new to the forum,

can someone please explain to me the meaning the degree rating of the stepper motor e.g 1.8 and so forth.


speed and Direction controll of Dc Stepper motor We are expected to do these actions simultaneously kindly tell us some useful information about this and tell what is the best way to make a product like this