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Surveillance Car Controlled via DTMF


Table of Contents:

  1. Surveillance Car Controlled via DTMF
  2. Description


There is no specific procedure or app for rooting.
Its device specific, just google it yaar

sir need a speedy reply. please let me know a root app, to root android version 4.4.2 to my laptop 

No specific app, google it :p

Hi!!!!....i am making this project....and i encountered an error with the servo.... i connected the servo to the power supply and when i connected the data pin of the servo to arduino...servo drew large current from the supply suggesting that it is getting shorted somewhere....luckily servo is still working.....can u tell me where i went wrong?

That shouldn't happen.
Check whether you have a common ground between servo battery and arduino power supply.

I dont know which servo and arduino board you are using, therefore cant comment what could have gone wrong,
try changing servo.

sir iam unable to access droid vnc server even after rooting my phone.please tell me the steps to access droid vnc server.we are making this project. and iam finding troubles like send a bug report, unsopported pixel depth. 


First of all, I'm not "sir" :p I'm an electronic enthusiast just like you :)

Now, regarding app, just google your problem, there are plenty of videos on how to use Droid VNC.
Or try using some other VNC server app.

how can we access both the screeen i.e camera as well as dtmf tone generator.we have used team viewer instead of vnc app.

need a speedy reply

App required to use camera is Airdroid
and for dtmf you will require vnc

I've written everything in describtion, please read it before asking any question.

sorry for that! since you were helping us out ,so  addressed with respect and  not in the intentions to hurt anybody.

apart from that we tried downloading, but had some problem which i had already mentioned in previous messages.

i think my question was using team viewer will create any trouble or not which was left unanswered 

Sorry for what, and when did adressing someone as "sir" caused any harm :p, my point was I'm just like you a normal student, so CHILLAX.

Now coming back to your point(I was half asleep so missed it :p)
I used two different apps because I didnt want my camera to use my phone's screen inorder to access it, using Airdroid I was able to acheive it
VNC server was used to cast and control my phone's screen on my laptop

As far as I know with team viewer you can control your laptop from your phone but I doubt whether vice versa is possible.
Lets say its possible then, yes VNC app can be replace but you've to use Airdroid for camera.

BTW which college are you from?

And are you making it for some Course or just like that

i just tried to control the bot using phone but i was unsuccessful in  doing so. the motor didn't run so puzzled out.

actually i tried calling to the phone attatched to the bot but as i gave the command no change was observed , it didn't move.

we are from GCT and doing this project out of interest 

Try generating tones mannually using dtmf app, if still nothing moves, then something else is creating problem.


i want to make this project for my college project competiton.

plz plz plz help me. coz i am new..

how much geared dc motor and  servo motor is required here.

if u send me the list of parts required for this it will be more better.



can we use dtmf screen and camera simultaneously on laptop...using wireless only

where is STD pin in mt8870 module

15th  pin...try to search for pin diagrams by yourself....

i searched...i found the same pin no. 15...but is this pin out for external connection(@mt8870)..;(

In coding section we have (vccdtmf,OUTPUT). why cant we give directly 5v to dtmf . is it necessary to give it through coding


Sir its moving but very slowly shall i give 18v to l298 or strictly it should be given 12v. need a speedy reply


L298 can handle upto 30+v so yeah go ahead
Even i gave 18v ignoring the fact that my motors were of 12v :p

Can you tell me about Module L298D.
I have module L298N and I not find PW1 and PW2.
Thanks you!

how to coonect android device using vnc. .??


I am interested in this project and I am working on it. I am facing problem in using motor driver module. Can you send me the pin configuration of this motor module.

You can google it, L298 motor driver module, its a standard thing.

does it also work with android version4.0


Haven't tried it
In principle it should work, else there are many with same functionality.

i hope you'll reply asap, where's the step by step of building this project? im interested and i decide to make this project for my final thesis. thanks godbless

Step by Step building is given here itself, check the description tab :p
You can also refer:

im a beginner sir, please reply. i need the step by step procedure of this project, for my finals

how we can connect it through internet....????



Hello, I have a question please help
I want to replace the dtmf put place wi-fi chip ... Do you have a circuit diagram for this change?
Hello, I have a question please help
I want to replace the dtmf put place wi-fi chip ... Do you have a circuit diagram for this change?

Is this possible???? 

Yes why not, it is possible
Some changes in code and connections will be required but basic idea will remain the same

No I dont have circuit Dig. of it using wifi module

i want to know how its cost for whole project

i want to know how much its cost for whole project

Everything used in this project is standard, ie, you can check the price of each and every component online
Chassis that I used was custom made by mechanical legos, and they cost me around 1200 INR

Hi,I’m actually confused…where should I install the dtmf tone generator app,on mobile or pc?

If I install it on mobile how can I view the keypad  on laptop when video is streaming on it…?

need a speedy rply...please


Hi, I also need answers ... but I think on the pc and mobile. Check in YouTube you'll find answers Sorry .cuz i did not helped you

Install dtmf tone generator app along with VNC server app on mobile
Then view you mobile phone's screen using VNC client on Laptop
For video streaming use Airdroid app :)


1. Your project is great. Congratulations.

2. My team and I are interested and excited to make one on similar grounds.

3. Its a lot to ask but I request for your assistance.

4. My "beginners" doubt is, whatever is mentioned in components section, is that all we need to get started? Or do we need other supportive components? (I am sorry if its a silly doubt because its the first ever project i'm doing on embedded systems), is the circuit diagram precise or components like resistors and all are to be soldered somewhere?

5. Just as a suggestion, which you can skip reading, If you make short videos explaining step by step development of project, several people would be massively benefitted.

6. Cannot thank you enough for your time and help.

Awaiting reply

Have a good day

Components section contains all the major components required for this project, apart from them I don't think any other stuff is needed.

I could've made short videos explaining step by step development of the

Okay, thank you very much.
hi sir, can u pls tell me how much does this whole project cost?

Everything used in this project is standard, ie, you can check the price of every component online
Chassis that I used was custom made by mechanical legos, and they cost me around 1200 INR

Does the vnc server which is to be installed, need to be licensed under free or enterprised or premium?