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Tachometer using microcontroller



Great work! Worth a read! yes

Very good
Plg upload for voltage analayser for us

plg upload for 12v  battery charing circuit wit  lowand high  voltage cut off  funtions



Nice article indeed
But There is a bit correction in the theory and eventually in the program.
When you touch the wheel to a rotating body then they will have same RPM only if their radius is same.
Remember HSC physics:
But mostly you will touch it to a rotating body which has larger radius, hence that rotating body will have less rpm but your wheel will rotate at higher rpm.
you have to include the formula for correction.
I don't remember what is it, but its something like:
R= radius of rotating body
V= angular velocity of rotating body
r= radius of the wheel

v= ang. vel. of wheel

very good gadget. Only wish if could show some mathematical parts,especially for the choice of components.thanx

anybody suggest a codings  for  tachometer in pic16f877a microcontroller.


thank you

where coding this program crying

please reupdate code this project crying

Please give source code.

Hi Very Nice. Please send me the source code. Thanks.

Where are source codes?

Great work!

very good

need source code


I will be very glad if you share me the source code.


thank u

Project is very nice. Please share the source code....I need it....

PLz send me the source code


Will you please send the code for this projec

plz do put source code 

goodworkk (Y)

no source code kindly upload the source code

Hey, please can i hve the source code asap. I need it very badly  . If anyone has it please mail it to my email id - [email protected]


this is the nice website for all beginner

can anyone post the code


this is really helpful

can i use fan motor?



plz give me c file of this project