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Temperature Controlled Fan



 i want c program sir........

i also need the c proramming of this project....

pls attach the c coding

can i get this whole project will help me a lot...

why when i run this code,the micro c programme display internal error

please tell me from where you get the code and how i am worry because they want subscription charges??

Hello Sir, can i get C code too??? and a complete diagram, that will be great, thank you


i want the whole project........

p/z send the circuit diagram on this email::

i need the circuit diagram and code in C . plz if u could send me ... i'll be thankfull to you...

Plz attach c code......


I would be very grateful if you could email me the entire project

can i get the c proramming of this project..

can i get the  c program for this project..........


can i get the  circuit diagram and code in hex and c for this project...........


Can i get the whole project with programming code
can i get c program of this and ckt dig too

Please, can I get more details about this project and the code used? Thank you so much in advance.

My email address

can i get this project

my email


can i get c code and circuit diagram of this project.?



 can i get the circuit diagram and the C code in hex.....what type of software u used to design the schematic circuit


Plg send c code

Could you send me the C  code ? . Thank you.


I am having assembly code you have given with this project,

will you please send me the meaning of each function with details ( how you have used that function or meaning of that line)

Hi sir  i need  c source code of this project 

could  you please send mail id


thanks & regards


Sir, Please may i have the C source code? 

Interested in this project can I get the video of the project and whole project programming code.


Thank You.

Latha Calebsmiley




I want c code too sir...

can u plz send it to me...

please send me the circuit and program of temprature controlled fan using 8051 its very urgent

hello sir

    i need c code for this alp 


Please send me complete coding for keil....I Need it urgent at


Saif Ullah Qureshi you contributed a lot...... can i get the circuit diagram and the C code in hex.....Are you used Keil for hex and proteus to simulate??? Please send me further instructions if needed at  I'm from faisalabad please send me your contact no or text me at '03029118492'

I,ll be thankful to you,

Regards Tahir from NFC IEFR FSD

I want whole project report...

i m goin to make this project,can u please mail the full details with the list of components mentioned properly,because its not mentioned which diodes should be used.And i also need the proper circuit diagram to understand where to connect which component.

can i get the circuit diagrm and c code for this project. i need urgent...


Can i get the whole project please?, can u send to this gmail?? thank

can i get the whole project?

my email is "eugene_liewyq"     ""

i need a c program for this

pls send it soon to my email id.........

i need c code


Hej, can I get all project details, please?


If yes, can you send it to my email:



All best,



Please , can i get this code in HEX file ?

or can i get the whole project please?

 my email:

 Thank You !





                              very good project please try to get in c code aslo its very usefull to every one .

can i get the whole copy of the project with its full details

Assalamu Alaikum..

Could u plss share C code if u have.

i want circuit and c coding of this project

plzz i neeed codee,,,,,,,,,,,,,send me



Sir...pls send me the c prog ....its really urgent

Opto-coupler ILD74 is not available. pls sugest an alternative coupler for it !! its urgent. thanks.

sir , will u give me c program for this project  ???


can i do this project using 8051 uC??