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Traffic Surveillance System using MATLAB and Arduino




sir, wat is the second program (for uno (A))



Abey chutiye, this fucking joke of a project is not fucking working one single fucking bit you moron. And yes that fucking matlab file attached, it is a fucking joke i will literally put a 10 foot bamboo in your fucking ass if i ever meet you.

that code does not click pic from webcam guys it merely calls a pic which is saved you can even make out from the video the angle of the webcam and the cars how will it click a pic......and that program does not contain one fucking bit of interfacing GPS n GSM do this project at your own risk...


Please provide matlab source code and other arduino code. Please or contact me at [email protected]

sir Im working on traffic light cotrol using matlab and aurdino ..but i dont get the coding plz help me. i cant understand your code please you send me video or stepwise explanation of given code

sir give me the aurdino MATLAB program for image processing and counting object