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Typing Assistant based on 8051 microcontroller



do i have to copy this scan code to hte microcontroller or this are just provided for help.??

can u please provide the code written or accepted in Keil

can u provide the code in c language????


please show me the codes for interfacing keyboard with 8051

i want to see it


Kindly provide me its source code.

plz give me the source code...its urgent

please provide me the proagram written in keil with c language


How to interface usb keyboard.please help

I want show pc at/ps2 keyboard interfacing to 8052 by asm51, so help me.

I want show how ps2 keybord interfacing to 8051 with 2 line lcd in asm.

most helpful

plz show the code

Hi, can you please send me the C code for this project ?

Thanks, Solemany David

please give me source code

on mu email [email protected]