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UART communication using NRF24le1 (Part 10/14)



Sir plz help me

Yes please ask 

My dear friends,

I have got used PenCam Trio HD 4GB camera by Aiptek, with video, photo, audio recording functionality,

featuring mini USB socket for charging and data transfer to PC, hdmi mini port and A/V jack socket.


I can make Cam on for video recording or live video view via hdmi

but connecting charger to mini USB port makes camera to switch to charging mode, disabling video mode.


I would like to use this camera permanently connected to usb charger, in video mode.

Not sure if such activity has been engineered by a manufacturer as intended (???) or

camera is faulty.


To my understanding, the only way to make camera to work while connected to usb charger is to charge internal battery directly to bypass electronics.

let me know your opinion

thank you


Please post your query on forum.