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Smart Vibration Sensor



i need the code please !!!!!!

dear sir i am doing a project on rfid based toll gate system using microcontroller 16f877a ,can u please provde me the

codes for interfacing rfid module with it


i love the siplicity of this design, am trying out one myself


hi  I am  having  two question on  above project  1 >which  piezoelectric mic  used for  your project  and its data sheet ..2> this piezoelectric mic (tranducer /sensor) able record the voice .



Hello My name is Morteza i am from Ukraine.please help me to understand about 4538 monostable multivibrator!! i have a Borad (Electronic Amplifier for photocell) there is a problem with multivibrator, i don't know how does it work i can send you picture of this board. Please give me your email or skype. my email: and skype mortezaua Please help me!! Thank you

Can this ckt used to make water flow indicator in a pipe. Piezo element will be mounted on water pipe and when water flows through the pipe, ckt should trigger a relay. I will put relay instead of speaker.

i need a project write up on "knock alarm system"


Thanks play tell me where the circuit diagrams d43

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