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Voice Controlled Wheel Chair For Physically Disabled People



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hey alpesh

i would like to now what component have you used in this project

i.e hardware and software...

and what motor u have used n all other stuff

rly asap!!!


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sir. i want to know how much current is given to the 200rpm motor. bcoz u mentioned only the voltage(4 to 12v) and rpm.

Thank you.

so good. keep it up and all the best people

Thank your for downloading

can i plz get d code or source code for dis proj asap...

can i plz get the code asap..?
Thnx in advance..!!


may I ask for help plz for the code of your project (voice conrolled wheel chair project )

from where i could get the hm2007 module residing at bhopal(m.p.)?

plz reply as soon as possible.


i want to design cost effective voice control wheel chair.sir 


Alpesh Virpara can you help me for this i'm waiting for your response


anybody can help me with the motors ???


than you

[email protected]


i want coding of this project there any ppt format or pdf file with whole programing and designing..

and how much total cost of this project and can you give me support on ur active no please snd me your active no.


vikas singh

i would like to now what component have you used in this project i.e hardware and software... and what motor u have used n all other stuff sir plz send me [email protected]

battery specification differs in 2 places , in working section it's written 60 rpm and in list of components it's written 200 rpm, which motor are exactly used??

please help!


*motor specification

I want to know ....

which DC motor we will used in powered wheelchair for carry upto 30 to 40 kg of weight. plz tell me.... 

Hey sir Alpesh Virpara

I would like to know the Motors you used, the batteries., because i want to develope also a voice controlled wheelchair..

Hope u can help me. Thanks. :)

I want to do this please send me the circuit and source code.

i would like to know what component have you used in this project

hardware and software

can i please get the code or source code of this project asap 

can you please send me the circuit diagram of this project 

Hi alpesh , I am making this project in my major project . i want to know which motor could be Used to make a person of weight approx 50 kg to be moved by that motor. Plz tell me .

plz attach full documentation


can you please explain the program


Sir would you please mention that how much this project would cost?


Hello everyone I am a final year student I have prototype of chair ready in working condition If anyone interested in buying Kindly contact [email protected]
Hello sir I am final year student and I want to do this project so can you tell me the following things- Cost of the project Programming for this project Circuit Connections of the project

<p>hello sir,</p><p>i want to do this project , and i need your help for introducing me with this project&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;i would be very thankful of you please send me the details on [email protected]</p>

when my account get activated...i need source code & circuit diagram immediately

please upload a programme for voice controlled wheelchair.

What is the power supply used to drive the motors?


We have used 12V car battery which will provide supply to motor driver and motor.

I am doing voice controlled wheelchair using arduino. Instead of using hm 2007 speech recognition , can i use any other voice sensor ? and im dng prototype of wheelchair. im choosing 10v motor. is it sufficient ? and how much power supply required for that motor?

Hi manvitha you can use Easy VR shield 3.0 instead of HM2007 speech recognition module.You required 12V power supply for prototype project.

i want to know which motor is used......and where i will get HM 2007 ....i want to build small wheel plz help me .......


You can get hm2007 kit in nsk electronics and in our project we have used wiper motors

thank you so much





I had made an voice control wheel chair... Just in 11000 rs, and I had not used any such types​ of headphones or wire ....... It works completely on my voice....... Apart from that I had putted the touch screen remote and joystick also for emergency case....... 8791251209

What is the cost of the whole project sir.(Approximately)

Sir can I get this code written in arudino. If it is possible, please send the code written in ardunio to this email-id [email protected] as early as possible sir.

Please find the code at top in Source Code section.

Please find the code at top in Source Code section.


please Sir can I get all its and simulation.

find the circuit diagram at the top for simulation.

I need its code and simulation bro !please please

Please find the code at the top in source code section.