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Wireless Flight Data Recorder (FDR) for Airplanes

Table of Contents:

  1. Wireless Flight Data Recorder (FDR) for Airplanes
  2. Recent Air Disasters
  3. Design of Wireless Flight Data Recorder



i got a doubt

as u told about recording fdr & camera online

now days plain  travel and reach every part of world  but in every part where it flies  we may wont get the server in any remote place and their will be diconnection in recording  ,it  may be fatel if any crash happens in remote place then their will no information for investigators so that can prevent these crashes in futher.

NISARG- can you please answer doubt  by sending email to me

Nisarg, I really like your thought. 

I want to clear you in this project we have used POINT to MULTIPOINT NETWORK.

Also,these data willl get transmitted to ATC every sec. from every point.

I feel in remote areas ground transmission is not going effected by external cause.

We are going to store the data at every 80 km..which will not only transmite the data to the ATC but also store data.


I am looking for SPONSORSHIP from some AIRLINES.

Since,I have PATENT-copywrite for this project.


Hope NISARG i have cleared your doubt.

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hey ...!

     make me clear that range of a XBEE-PRO 868 is about 1800ft for uraban areas

but aeroplanes are present about thousands of ft above the ground level ...then how the module will be able to transmitt data as aeroplane is out of range of XBEE

and further can i have the link of ur patent ?

waiting for ur reply

Xbee pro long range 


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