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Wireless Monitoring and Controlling Rescue Robot using Zigbee



hi,i am a second year student studying mechanical engineering in PESIT bangalore.Please can you send me full details of this project? like parts list,how to program the robot from scratch etc??thank you in mail id is

sir,how to run and compile aa program for at89s52 ?

hey, i just want to know which programming is used for camera interfacing and wireless aud/vid. sending

can you send me it's detail on mail id??

my mail id is

thank u in advanced...



is there a specific program for transmission using zigbee in the code??


no this is for lcd


Sir .can i get the details regarding this project..(cost, methodology etc ) Pls forwrd me on Thanking u...
Can we get the components required names

Sir please let me know the components required in this project. My email id is