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IR remote controlled stepper motor using ArduinoThe project given here demonstrates how to vary the speed of stepper motor and number of revolutions of it using IR remote (like TV, DVD, AC, STB etc) with the help of Arduino. The project uses a normal set top box (STB) IR remote, TSOP IR sensor, stepper motor driver chip and Arduino UNO board. Anyone can use any type of IR remote.

Just he has to change the remote codes in the Arduino sketch (program) for the remote. This procedure is also described here while explaining the operation. So let us see how this is done. First, see the circuit diagram followed by its description and operation. The stepper motor has many parameters that can be controlled like- Direction of rotation, Speed of rotation, Angle of rotation, and Number of revolutions.

IR remote controlled RGB bulb using ArduinoArduino can be used to vary different colors in RGB bulb (LED). We know Arduino can vary the intensity of LED using its analog outputs by generating PWM. The RGB bulb has 3 internal LEDs – red, green and blue. The Arduino varies the intensity of all three red, green and blue LED and thus it gives different mixtures of these three colors and generates different colors like CYAN, PINK, YELLOW, MAGENTA, WHITE etc. By varying the intensity of all three LEDs from minimum to maximum we can have many numbers of color combinations- means different colors.

The given project demonstrates how to turn ON/OFF or vary colors of RGB bulb using any IR remote (like TV, DVD, AC, STB etc) with the help of Arduino. The project uses a normal set top box (STB) IR remote, TSOP IR sensor and Arduino UNO board.

Atmega 32u4 Based LED Status - Circuit diagramIn the Atmega 32u4 Based USB Controlled LED Series Project, it was demonstrated how to use control transfer to receive data from computer to the peripheral. In this project, it will be demonstrated to transfer data from microcontroller to the host computer. For this, the device will be configured as HID Class Device again. An HID Class device has USB communication over two types of transfers - Control transfer and Interrupt transfer.

When data has to be exchanged from default endpoints i.e. endpoint 0 IN and endpoint 0 OUT only, the control transfer is sufficient to perform the data communication. Usually, HID devices only use control transfer for enumerating with the host.