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Logic Probe with 7 segment DisplayWhenever we are testing and troubleshooting any digital circuit the most required handy tool is logic probe. Logic probe is used to check HIGH or LOW logic. There may be LED or buzzer type of indication for indicating whether logic is HIGH or LOW.
Like there may be: Simple LED indication – means LED glows if logic is HIGH and vice versa, different colour LED (RED – GREEN) to indicate HIGH and LOW logic, or buzzer that sounds if logic is HIGH and does not sounds if logic is LOW. The circuit consists of fewer components and very easy to build. It consists of one INVERTER chip 74LS04, one common cathode type 7-segment display and 3 diodes only.
RTC Based Device ON-OFF Timer using ArduinoRTC based device ON-OFF timer means it will turn ON and OFF the device at the required time. It will turn ON the device at selected time and again after the preset time, it will turn it OFF also. So, the device turns ON and turns OFF operation because automatic as per preset time schedule. 
Such devices are widely used in industries. In industries, it is required to turn ON and OFF the device at a specific time. If the devices are operated for a specific time period with accurate timings then there can be less power consumption and this will directly reduce the production cost. Many industries appoint human operators to operate the device for desired time duration. But this is not a good choice as there may be a lack of accuracy. 
Emrgency System at MiningMine workers have a harsh job. They have to work deep down the earth. At such depths, they are almost disconnected from the everything and everyone. Even the mobile network does not work at those depths. The loss of connectivity leads to delay in any help in case of a danger or underground mishap. This project is built to detect any danger in advance and relay alert among the mine workers. Though most wireless networks don't work underground, small-distance radio communication can be used in such situation.
The project uses a gas sensor, temperature and humidity sensor and light sensor to detect any sign of danger. The data from the sensors is sent to a computer through radio communication for continuous monitoring.