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DTMF Decoder


Himanshu Choudhary
DTMF (Dual tone multiple frequency) is the most popular and nowadays ubiquitously used telecommunication signalling method. A DTMF decoder detects the [[wysiwyg_imageupload::]]DTMF tones and generates the binary sequence corresponding to key pressed in a DTMF keypad. The circuit of this project presented here is a DTMF decoder. DTMF keypads are used in almost all landline and mobile handsets. The DTMF decoders, therefore, are used at the telephone switching centres to detect the number dialled by the caller. The DTMF version used in pushbutton telephones is called touch tone and is a registered trademark of AT&T. The tones generated from the speaker (audio signals) of keypad are given to microphone which converts audio tones into electrical signals. The signals from the microphone are processed by the DTMF decoder IC which generates the equivalent binary sequence as a parallel output.